Submitted by Kathy Trujillo

Courtesy photo
Hawthorne’s mixed freestyle Relay team looks fresh as they end the day in event number 66:  from left Addison Bostic, Aiden Bostic, Kyla Doyle, and Hector Martinez. They finished the 100-meter race in 2:42.27.

Members of the Stingray Swim Team traveled to the Lovelock Swimming Pool on Saturday, June 15 to compete in the first meet of the season. More than 100 swimmers from Lovelock, Eureka, Round Mountain, Yerington and Hawthorne swam in 66 events. The Stingrays cheered on a number of new swimmers jumping into competition for the first time: Addison Bostic, Colin Crittenden, Kyla Doyle and Maggie Hoferer.

The “animals” coached by Jim Bennett and competing in the 15-18-year-old category claimed many of the top three spots in the girl’s races. Madisyn Carlson took first place in the fly, back and individual medley, second in the free and fourth in the breaststroke. Madelyn Bennett was awarded second in the back, individual medley, third in the fly and breaststroke and fourth in the freestyle. Sofia Castillo rounded out the roster with a third in the back, fourth in the fly, 6th in the individual medley, breaststroke and 7th in the freestyle.

The intermediate’s, also known as the “sharks” and coached by Martin Waggoner and Schylar Bryan did very well in three age groups. Brennan Dore’ took first in the back with a time of 1:00.30, third in the individual medley, 4th in the free and 5th in the fly and breast. Returning swimmer Shannon Straw took first in the fly, back, individual medley, and breast and second in the freestyle. Reese Holton in his second year with the Stingrays won first in the backstroke, third in the fly, fourth in the freestyle, 5th in the IM and 8th in the breaststroke. Shawna Clark competed well for her first time in the 11-12-year-old age group, feeling both “excited and nervous,” for the first meet of the season. Maggie Hoferer and Aiden Bostic both competed in the 9-10 age group and both received ribbons for their participation in the relay events.

The “guppies” are the youngest swimmers on the team coached by Kathy Trujillo. The guppies consist of all swimmers in the six and under age group and 7-8. Hector Martinez won second place in the backstroke and the individual medley, fourth in the breaststroke and freestyle and fifth in the fly. Cohen Hagen participated in the 7-8 age group as did new swimmer, Kyla Doyle who took second in the backstroke, fourth in the individual medley, 7th in the free and 10th in the breaststroke. Colin Crittenden participated in his first meet taking 6th place in the backstroke and individual medley and finishing strong in his other events. Mickey Boyles competed in the six and under group and won first place in the fly, breast and freestyle competitions; second in the backstroke and fourth in the individual medley. Addison Bostic won second in the freestyle.

The Stingrays were able to form five relays teams and won second in the boys medley relay and third in the girl’s medley relay. The mixed 9-10 relay team took fourth, with the 13-14-year-old team taking third. The winners of the coveted 15-18 relay race were Madelyn Bennett, Madisyn Carlson, Sofia Castillo-Trujillo and Reese Holton.

Many thanks to the staff at the Hawthorne Swimming Pool for their assistance in getting the facility ready for swimming practices. The Stingrays also extend their thanks to Financial Horizons Credit Union for their recent donation to help the team host the medal meet. Swimmers are able to participate without charge thanks to generous donations and sign-ups will continue through the end of the season for those who would like to try out for the team.

The Hawthorne Stingrays will host the region’s medal meet on Saturday, June 29. The Hawthorne Junior High Dream Team will be providing concessions for the day to include hamburgers, hot dogs and snow cones along with other assorted food items. The Stingrays welcome volunteers of all experience levels as timers, ribbon writers and “runners,” who move the timing cards throughout the event.

Anyone who can volunteer some time on the 29th from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. can contact Kathy Trujillo at 316-0388 for information.