Mineral County Commissioner highlights from Jan. 16

Public comment

Public Works Director Eric Hamrey stated he would like to thank Hawthorne Utilities and Thomas Lee for the dozer work done in Cory Canyon.

Accounts payable

Deputy Recorder-Auditor Teresa McNally told the commissioners that they had received a sizeable deposit. The Bank of America credit card bill was gone over. Commissioner Christine Hoferer explained there are some charges that can be paid via a check. Hoferer asked Clerk Chris Nepper to get a statement of the public administrator’s account and questioned the three sheriff’s accounts there.


Deputy Clerk Bonnie DeMars read a letter from a Nevada grazing company in a request for funds. Hawthorne Utilities Director Larry Grant explained that he doesn’t outsource his mechanic work, after a conversation regarding the changing of oil changes and headlights.


The minutes from Dec. 31, 2018 and Jan. 7 were approved.

BLM update

Ken Collum with the Bureau of Land Management did not show for the meeting.

Business licenses

The following business licenses were approved: Alison’s Landscape Maintenance – Stacy Ketz and Efren Meza and Cutting Edge Cabinets, Inc. – Julia and Thomas Nartker.

One Stop Shop

Schyler Hagen with Mineral County Cooperative Extension met with the commissioner to discuss a memorandum of understanding with Nye County Coalition “One Stop Shop” to help support the cooperative extension’s “Veggies for Seniors” program. She explained this is the third year’s grant has been done. If awarded, the cooperative extension will be awarded $1,400 to purchase vegetables for seniors in Mineral County.

Trust property

Nepper met with the commissioners to discuss the funding for the trust property auction to be held in the spring of 2019. He explained that after discussing this with the recorder-auditor, the funds would be taken from the Mineral County general fund. The cost would be approximately $12,000. The sale will be March or April. He will keep the board up to date on this item.

Navy expansion

Commissioner Garth Price asked that this item be continued as he has a meeting to discuss this later in the week.

Closed session

The commissioners went into closed session pursuant to Nevada Revised Statute 288.220 to discuss/review all labor/bargaining unit contracts, grievances and negotiations.

Open session

The commissioners reopened their meeting. It was stated that there was nothing to report.

Nuisance complaint

A nuisance complaint was brought in forth of the commissioners in regards to parcel #001-391-05. The address is 610 First Street in Hawthorne. Building Inspector Mike Fontaine explained that this property had a previous complaint about a year ago regarding weeds. This most recent complaint is for an old car on the street. There are boxes of recyclable cans. Fontaine stated that the cans are not in sight of the person that filed the complaint.

“There is really nothing here that I find a nuisance,” Fontaine explained. There is an unregistered vehicle on the street which Fontaine spoke with the sheriff’s office about.

“This is one of those neighbor verses neighbor complaints”, he said.

Public guardian

The commissioners met to review candidates, conduct interviews, select and offer position to successful candidate for the position of Mineral County Public Guardian.

Price excluded himself from these interviews as a family member was interviewing.

The first applicant was Michelle Eldridge. Monica Hall interviewed next via the telephone. Dawn McClare interviewed next with LaTicha Mitchell following. Patricia White interviewed lastly. Kip Briggs did not show up for the interviewing process. Laura Myles discussed part of the job description for the position and the insurance responsibility for the position. Mitchell was chosen for the position of public guardian with McClare as a runner-up if Mitchell turned the position down. The salary range will be between $32,000 and $40,000 a year. The commissioners chose to pay Mitchell $34,000 a year. Cherrie George spoke in favor of Mitchell and will be sad to see her leave the senior center.