Hawthorne Elementary School was delighted to bring back an honored tradition with the introduction of the 2019 sixth grade Science Fair.

This year, Mr. Michael Mayes and Miss Taylor Doolin had their classes do a class science fair, where students were able to highlight their knowledge and love of science.

Students collaborated and delved into the science world, where they had to look up and conduct their own science experiment.

All 38 sixth grade students submitted their projects on Feb. 4 and gave in class presentations to their peers and parents that came to support their students!.Then came time for the judging. Students were able to display their Science Fair boards in the library where students, parents and the judges were able to come and look at their hard work.

Hawthorne Elementary School would like to thank the parents and students of the sixth grade for all their hard work and effort. Congratulations to the winners and excellent job, Rockets. The winners of the sixth grade science fair are:

1st place: Sarah and Brooke

2nd place: Sydney and Taiylor

3rd place: Ava and Chesney/ Ivan and Jack