Commissioner Highlights from Feb. 21

Safety message

Emergency Manager Patrick Hughes gave a talk about asbestos.

Accounts payable

Auditor-Recorder Christine Hoferer brought forth three invoices from contractors who have asked for payments prior to the job being completed. She wanted to bring it to the attention of the commissioners. District Attorney Sean Rowe stated that this will be brought up with his agenda item.

Reports and correspondence

Deputy Clerk Bonnie DeMars read the correspondence into record.

BLM updates

Kenneth Collum with the Bureau of Land Management discussed items relative to Mineral County. He discussed Rawhide, Isabella Pearl and Teel’s Marsh. Commissioner Jerrie Tipton asked questions regarding Isabella Pearl. Discussion of Walker Lake boat ramp. Off-road applications were discussed.

Public Works Director Eric Hamrey asked Collum to again look at Vorra’s use of the roads in Mineral County and the maintenance on those roads. Michael Guss asked about grazing allotments within the county.

Liquor license

The following liquor license was approved: Barley’s Sports Bar for Brandon Jackson/Kila Conklin weeding in April at the convention center.

Critical need

Recorder-Auditor Hoferer discussed the designation of a critical need position in the Mineral County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Randy Adams explained that there was problem with the recording equipment so this was just put back onto the agenda. Recorder-Auditor Hoferer handed out paperwork regarding the regulations explaining critical need positions. The commissioners went through the paperwork as given.

Annual leave package

Sheriff Adams met with the commissioners in regards to an annual leave package for a returning employee. The motion was approved. The motion passed with Commissioner Garth Price and Commissioner Chris Hegg voting yes. Commissioner Tipton voted no.

Padded jail cells

Sheriff Adams met with to accept the Pool/Pact Grant for padded jail cells. Discussion for the sheriff to reach out to Pool/Pact regarding the grant. The commissioners approved the item.

Mutual aid agreement

Fire Chief Chris Lawrence asked for approval of a mutual aid agreement between Mineral County Fire and White Mountain Fire Protection District. He explained that it is an updated agreement with Mono County. He explained that Mono County has been trying to do this for quite some time and had not been updated since 1988. The motion passed.

Cadet program

Fire Chief Lawrence asked for the commissioners approval for the Mineral County Fire Department Cadet Program. He stated that children in the community want to be involved. This was approved.

School to careers program

It was asked that the commissioners grant permission to pay school to careers students from the ambulance fund. Recorder-Auditor Hoferer explained the first semester is not paid – the second semester is paid but not out of the general fund. District Attorney Rowe wanted the motion made contingent upon the language of the source of funding.


Hughes asked for approval of Craig Nixon to the Local Emergency Planning Committee. His application was approved.

Fire Shows West Grant

Hughes met for the consideration and possible action relative to submission of Fire Shows West Grant to the State Emergency Response Commission. Hughes will put in for 14 positions for the grant.

SERC grant

Hughes asked for approval of the SERC OPTE grant to the State Emergency Response Commission. This grant will be for equipment for the fire station and hospital. The grant was approved.

Nurses office ADA

Hamrey discussed a capital project fund for the nurses office ADA parking pad and ramp.

He believes it will cost approximately $5,000. He discussed that he is shorthanded and may need to contract this out. Wanda Nixon asked that this be done the second week of May as she is going on vacation.

Paint for the “H”

Hamrey stated that the Nevada Department of Transportation donated paint for the “H” project to the county. This needed to be donated to that group.

Animal Control roof

Hamrey stated that the animal control building south side roof is “shot”. He would like to replace that side only. The cost is almost $3,000. The money will come out of buildings and grounds budget. Hoferer stated that this should be a capital project and discussed during budget times. Commissioner Price advised Hamrey to bring this back during budget hearings.

Zoning change

A zoning change on APN 001-292-06, Lots 1 and 2, Block 12, 203 C Street Hawthorne, NV from R1 to R2, owner Mark Tucker was brought in front of the commissioners. The property is located in an R1 district. Commissioner Price made a motion to change the zoning back to R2. Motion was approved.

Planning vacancy

George Dean was not approved to fill the vacancy of Larry Grant on the Mineral County Regional Planning Commission. Commissioner Price disagreed with this appointment. He would like the planning commission to readvertise this vacancy in the paper and on the county website.

Airport vacancy

George Dean was not approved to fill the vacancy of Larry Grant on the Hawthorne Industrial Airport/Mineral County Airport Land Use Advisory Committee. Commissioner Price asked that this also be sent back to the committee for readvertising.

El Capitan Classic

Jason Cardenas asked the commissioners for a donation to the Mineral County High School baseball and Softball teams for t-shirts at the El Capitan Classic. Recorder-Auditor Hoferer stated she will pay this from the map fund.

Library board vacancy

Librarian Courtney Oberhansli asked to appoint Elizabeth Chisholm to the unexpired term on the Library Board of Trustees. Her term will expire on Dec. 31, 2020.

Walker Lake Advisory Board

Timothy Howe and Michael Lovitt were approved to the Walker Lake Advisory Board as members.

Mineral County Board of Health

Health Nurse Wanda Nixon asked for an initiation of an active Mineral County Board of Health. Representatives from the state health went over information of county ranking. Mineral County ranked #17. Wanda went over community stakeholder information she has gathered. Drug addiction and school bullying are forefront on the list of those asked. Guss made a public comment regarding opening up the Mineral County insurance plan.

Armed Forces Day

Heidi Bunch with the Armed Forces Day Committee met with the commissioners to get county departments support for Armed Forces Day activities and financial support to Mineral County Chamber of Commerce for Armed Forces Day 2018. Discussion of a previous resolution helping Armed Forces Day festivities. Hamrey asked that the board make clarification of what the directors are and are not allowed to do. The county can do work for Armed Forces Day but if done on private land – all funds must be given to the Armed Forces Day committee.

Old courthouse

The commissioners approved for the opening of the bottom floor of the courthouse on May 19 for a self-guided tour after the Armed Forces Day parade. Bunch informed the commissioners that the 6th Street School will also be open for self-guided tours. Hamrey explained that a few class reunions would like to set up near the courthouse. District Attorney Rowe stated that people who go on the tours must sign a waiver. He will give Bunch a waiver for people to sign. Search and Rescue will be on hand with this tour of the two buildings. The commissioners also discussed bringing the old furniture original to the courthouse back from Mina. Question of where the old jail door is located.

Nuisance complaint

A nuisance complaint for parcel 001-202-07, located at 112 English Street in Hawthorne was brought in front of the commissioners. Building Inspector Mike Fontaine discussed a prior call out to this residence. Fontaine will ask the fire chief to inspect with him and bring it back in front of the commissioners at a later date.

Contractor procurement policy

The commissioners reviewed a contractor procurement policy as distributed by District Attorney Rowe.

Rowe gave a background on this issue and went over the policy. He put together this policy for more transparency between the county, service providers and taxpayers. District Attorney Rowe stated that it is his opinion to go out for solicitation of bid for anything over $10,000. With discussion, Rowe will be making changes and updates to the policy.

Equipment for private industry

Vincent Kellison asked the commissioners if the use of public works equipment is to be used for private industry. Kellison discussed the use of the equipment at past Armed Forces Day events. Commissioner Tipton explained what had been discussed with the commissioners.

Temporary Assessor

District Attorney Rowe explained what was published in the Independent-News and explained that someone needs to be tasked with being the temporary assessor until the commissioners appoint a successor.

Rowe explained that the Board of Equalizations needs to meet and a temporary assessor needs to be appointed to fulfill many duties within that office.

Deputy Assessor Kelly Rosemore was brought in to speak to the commissioners. She explained that she will fill the position until it can be filled.

“As long as I can get some help and guidance,” Rosemore told the commissioners.

Rosemore was appointed as temporary assessor on Feb. 21.

Evaluation of Mike James

Public Guardian Mike James explained that he has 16 living wards and three that have deceased and need to have their estates closed. The commissioners read James’ comments on his evaluation and discussed them. The commissioners, district attorney and James discussed his position, wishes and training possibilities.

Park and recreation coordinator

Commissioner Jerrie Tipton asked if we should interview in alphabetical order. District Attorney Rowe explained that Local 39 individuals should be interviewed first.

The commissioners first interviewed Christina Boyles. Boyles explained she has lived in Mineral County for over 20 years. She used the park and recreation facilities as a child, worked at the pool and was a lifeguard trainer.

Alicia Sweet was also interviewed for the position. She explained that she has been doing the program aide job at the YCAC. She discussed her interaction with the children and the duties she fulfills.

Barbara Owens was interviewed. She explained that she worked for Nevada State Parks and as the park and recreation director for Mineral County.

Boyles was given an offer for the park and recreation coordinator at $15.39 per hour pending her background check.

Hawthorne landfill lease

Hawthorne Utilities Director Larry Grant stated this is the yearly lease relative to renewing application for the Land of Recreation or Public Purposes Lease NVN-005585 for Hawthorne Landfill. The application was approved and signed Commissioner Tipton.

Public comment

Tipton would like to have an update from the public defender. She will agendize for a later date.

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