Mineral County Board of County Commissioner highlights for Dec. 19, 2018

Accounts payable

Deputy Recorder-Auditor Teresa McNally presented an approval form for Nevada Emergency Medical Services Driver’s License Certification was $350.

Recorder-Auditor Christine Hoferer advised the commissioners that they have a low cash balance at this time. A partial transfer from PILT was made to make it through December. She also explained that January will be rough due to three pay periods.

Hoferer advised the commissioners of the fire department personnel trip (back East). The trip is fully reimbursable through a grant. She advised that some receipts were not turned in and that she will be discussing this with the fire chief and emergency management manager as the county needs to be “transparent”. Discussion of use of county credit cards.

Exempt positions

Hoferer addressed the board relative to addressing positions currently classified as exempt using Department of Labor’s administrative exemption and the Department of Labor’s new salary threshold.

She explained that the department sent out information stating that anyone that is in an exempt position needs to be making an annual salary of $47,476. This was a head’s up from Hoferer from POOL/PACT to the commissioners. She gave the commissioner a breakdown of staff in those positions. Discussion on the administrative chief deputy positions. The commissioners made a motion to change these positions from salary to hourly and these positions will stay at that salary. The change went into effect for the Dec. 17 pay period.

Budget memo

Hoferer also addressed the annual budget instructions memorandum to county departments. She explained that the budget this year showed the lowest ending fund balance in ten years and she advised the commissioners of this. She discussed some points with commissioners as budget requests begin in February. The commissioners approved the recorder’s office to send out Hoferer’s highlights to department heads and elected officials.


Clerk Chris Nepper read correspondence into record regarding the installation of a phone line in the old Mina courthouse.

Business license

The following business licenses were approved: Desert Mountain Carpet Cleaning, Jessie LeBleu and Promotional Window Advertising, Lawrence Spahr.

Annual leave

Sheriff Randy Adams asked the commissioners for permission to payout annual leave for critical staff. Many of the deputies are not able to take leave due to the shortage of personnel. Hoferer explained that if the leave is denied before Jan. 31, then this item can come back for payment of leave.

Airport lease

Discussion of approval of Art Johnson hanger 2 lot lease, APN: 008-888-57. Public Works Director Eric Hamrey stood in for Kirk Bausman. The lease was approved.

There was also discussion of hanger lot lease APN: 008-888-40 for five years for Brent Wilson. The lease was approved.

Radon month

Catrinna Berginnis asked the commissioners to proclaim January 2019 as National Radon Action month. The commissioners approved.

Stand-by pay

Fire Chief Chris Lawrence explained that he would like to offer stand-by pay of $1.50 to $3 per hour to ambulance drivers and EMT’s. The $3 will be paid for those at the station or $1.50 for those who are on stand-by and waiting at their homes.

Hoferer explained that stand-by are wages and volunteers are not employees. Lawrence gave the commissioners the rates of those that run.

Local run fees: driver $20; EMT $30 and EMT advanced $40. Out of town run fees: $100 driver; $150 EMT and $200 EMT advanced.

Tipton asked Lawrence to come back and inform the board what the nominal stand-by rates and how he will pay for the funds.


Lawrence explained he has picked up a loaner type 3 truck for Mina until March. He asked that the commissioners make a decision on either fixing the old Mina truck or purchasing something new. No decision made.

Boat ramp

Hamrey presented the invoice from Nevada Division of State Lands for payment of application processing fee for State Beach boat ramp. Hamrey emailed State Lands regarding the costs that Mineral County has put into the boat ramp. The commissioners made no decisions.

Appraiser trainee

Assessor Kevin Chisum requested another appraiser trainee position, funding and benefits. He explained he doesn’t have the staff to do what is requested. Price asked if this can wait until March. The salary would be approximately $50,000 (salary and benefits). No decisions were made. Chisum gave update of the office.

Annual leave

Chisum asked that his employees be extended the deadline until April 1 to use their annual leave. Hoferer explained that the commissioners told Chisum that last year the commissioners told him this was the last time an extension would be made. Price explained that he is standing firm with the decision he made last year that the commissioners will not extend the request.

Mina well

Hawthorne Utilities Director Larry Grant brought forth an agreement from the Emergency and Imminent Community Water Assistance Grant for the emergency repair of the Mina New Well. The grant is for no more than $150,000. The cost will be close to $130,000 per their estimates.

Reestablishing boards

Christina Boyles, park and recreation coordinator for the county asked to move forward with re-establishing a Park and Recreation Advisory Board and a Young Citizen’s Activity (YCAC) Board. She stated that the YCAC board will help to establish a 501(c) status for grant applications. The board would be the same people – two different boards. Boyles was asked to consult the district attorney about this issue. The board approved pursuant to the district attorney consult

Wal-Mart grant

Boyles asked to allow Mineral County Park and Recreation Department to move forward in applying for grant funding from the Wal-Mart Foundation Community Grants Program. The commissioners approved Boyles moving forward.


Tipton asked for consideration and possible action relative to discussion and possible action on future representation from Mineral County on State Land Use Planning Advisory Council (SLUPAC, Mason Valley Conservation District, etc. She stated that SLUPAC is a governor appointment. Discussion on history of boards and reason by Mineral County needs to be involved.

Fallon Range

Tipton explained the Fallon Range Training Complex Modernization Plan update. She read a recommendation from the planning and zoning commission regarding Mineral County’s “wish list”. On that list was a rail head and assisted living facility/senior center. Tipton feels that the natural gas line needs to be dropped into Hawthorne. Mark Nixon stated that is a privately owned line. Discussion of patented mining claims, grazing rights, etc. Nixon will get a letter in regards to the Fallon Range for Mineral County. The item will go back on the Jan. 7 agenda.

Public comment

Nixon made a public comment regarding the area near the Community Christmas tree. He explained that he is made a recommendation to Nevada Department of Transportation for a gateway sign for Hawthorne in that area. They were approved for $250,000 to do the project. He would like a commitment from the Lions Club to maintain the vegetation, the decorations and lighting.

Nuisance complaint

The commissioners heard an update on nuisance complaint for parcel #001-243-02. Building Inspector Mike Fontaine stated that nothing had been completed. This parcel is the Covered Wagon Motel. The owner had 14 days from the receipt of the letter to respond and neither the letter has been returned nor anyone has contacted Fontaine. Fontaine was advised to try contacting them again. Discussion on other nuisance complaints.

Serpent Flags

David Ditmer met with the commissioner to request hanging of Mineral County Serpent flags down Main Street. He explained Block H has been reinstalled at the school and he has noticed that other schools put up their school flags down Main Street. Hamrey explained that the county bucket truck no longer works so Ditmer would need to get someone else to hang the flags. The commissioners approved the school doing flags down the street. Discussion on where to hang and design of flags.

2477 roads

The commissioner read resolution #18-022 regarding county 2477 roads. Hamrey and the commissioners discussed the “maintained by use” explanation. The process of adding and subtracting roads was discussed as well as any historic documentation and photos of each road. The document is listed as the “Mineral County Master Plan – Minor County Public Roads”. Hamrey asked that those who use the roads please bring a photo to Hamrey if they need to do any road repair to get through it. The item was approved.

Public comment

Hoferer explained that the first commissioner meeting in an odd year has to be held on the first Monday of the year. The commissioners changed the date of the meeting.