Mineral County Board of County Commissioner highlights for Jan. 7

Organization of board

Commissioner Chris Hegg was made chairman of the board with Commissioner Christine Hoferer made vice-chair. The commissioners chose to keep their current liaison positions until further discussion can be had. Hoferer will take over those left by Jerrie Tipton as well as the department head meeting. The commissioners decided on the boards on which they will represent.

Accounts payable

Auditor-Recorder Cindy Nixon and Deputy Auditor Teresa McNally gave two credit card approval forms for approval: Marshall Swift for $1,237.65 for the assessor’s office and the environmental health license for the swimming pool for $402 for park and recreation.

The General Fund balance is $157,000. The cash balance is $182,000. McNally explained the shortfalls with payouts to employees, payment to Pershing County and three pay periods in January.

Commissioner Garth Price explained that he spoke with Assessor Kevin Chisum and Luning Solar is making their tax payment. Chisum also told Price that SOC’s billing would go out that week.

Deposits from county departments will start posting.

Public comment

Fire Chief Chris Lawrence asked the commissioners if he can shut down D Street and Mineral Way for training with the burn trailer. He was advised to speak with the sheriff.

Business licenses

The following business licenses were approved: Excel Plumbing, LLC (Jill and Tom Powers) and J. Clarissa Studio (Jennie Jenkins-Dunham).

Boat ramp

Public Works Director Eric Hamrey brought this item back in front of the board regarding an invoice from the Nevada Division of State Lands for payment of application processing free for State Beach boat ramp. The fees were waived. He explained that Mineral County is still responsible for maintenance.

Library board vacancy

Courtney Oberhansli, Mineral County Librarian explained there are two appointments needed to the library board of trustees. Her board recommends Kay Benscoter and Christine Clifford.

Manufactured homes

Earlin Milschewski met with the commissioners to discuss an eight point tie down for manufactured homes. Craig Nixon explained that this gentleman has a manufactured home at Walker Lake and would like the commissioners to adopt the regulation to have an eight point tie down to convert to real property for those homes without a foundation.

Public guardian

The commissioners temporarily appointed deputy public guardian Dawn McClaire as public guardian until such time as interviews are held for the position. The motion was made to make 7.5 percent above her paygrade.

945 Front St. – Mina

The commissioners gave written approval for Southern Methodist University to replace the existing telephone line with a new one at 945 Front Street, Mina, per lease agreement. The commissioners approved.

Gateway sign

Nixon discussed the approval of a gateway sign and landscaping on Nevada Department of Transportation property. He discussed the history of this area dates back to the replacement of the community Christmas tree. The water for the tree is supplied at no cost to the tree from Hawthorne Utilities. Hamrey asked to be informed of the cost of lighting, water, etc.

Price made a motion to send a letter to Rudy Malfabon at Nevada Department of Transportation in favor of this project.

Convention and tourism vacancy

Mike McNeill met with the commissioners to appoint one “representative at large” and one “commercial interest representative” to the Mineral County Convention and Tourism Authority Board to fill two expiring terms as of this January. The seats of Mike Thyne and Gary Anderson are vacant. A third letter was received.

Projection screen

McNeill requested to spend up to $3,221.25 on the public works credit card for Mineral County Convention and Tourism Authority Board to purchase a projection screen and associated item. Hoferer questioned why this must be put onto public works credit card and asked why this company will not bill the county. Discussion on setting up an account for the convention and tourism board. McNally will work with McNeill.


Hoferer explained that she had Bret Towe purchase her a tablet to use as a commissioner. The cost was approximately $800.

Price explained that he has requested this twice. Hoferer explained that Price and Hegg set up email with the county due to new transparency laws. The commissioners will work with Towe to get these items order or activated.


The commissioners discussed the approval of a draft letter to the Nevada Department of Taxation regarding violations listed in the Mineral County’s fiscal year 2018 audit. Deputy Auditor Hillary Pellett presented a letter to the commissioners to read into record.

Closed session

The commissioners met to discuss/review all labor/bargaining unit contracts, grievances and negotiations.

Open session

The commissioners came out of closed session. They did not report what was discussed in closed session.

Public comment

Lou Gallagher explained that she has problems with the people across the street from her as well as the Mineral County Sheriff’s Department. She discussed that a drone/camera was on her property for over a year.

District Attorney Sean Rowe explained that this was a public comment and that Gallagher needs to put this item on the agenda.

Fallon Range plan

The commissioners discussed the Fallon Range Training Complex Modernization Plan. Discussion of Mineral County’s wants and needs.

Nixon explained that Mineral County needed to reply to the Navy and also discuss the possible wants and needs that Mineral County may have on their dream list. Nixon stated that one of the “wants” was to build a fire station in that area and a lands bill to build a railroad into the base from the south. Nixon explained that he had been tasked by former commissioner Jerrie Tipton to make a list from the wants and needs of the community.

Comments need to be put in by Feb. 21, Nixon explained.

Ideas were thrown out during the meeting. Price is going to reach out to Commissioner Marilyn Kirkpatrick in Clark County and will update the board at a later meeting.