Pennies Count Fund donated $6,500 to local organizations this year! We would like to give a special thank you to Golden Gate Petroleum for their substantial donation to the Pennies Count Fund.

In 1996, Financial Horizons Credit Union created our Pennies Count Fund to help the school projects in Mineral County. As our fund has grown over the years we have been able to help not only with school projects but with community projects and organizations as well. With our expansion to Yerington, Fallon and Winnemucca, we have expanded the Pennies Count Program to their communities. Each community has their own fund; therefore when donations are made at your branch, all contributions remain in that community.

The Pennies Count Fund began with members donating the change from either cashing a check or a recurring direct deposit. Nineteen years later and the Pennies Count Fund have donated over $88,900 to our communities.

This year’s recipients are:

• $1,000 (Janell Carlos) Mineral County High School Baseball
• $1,000 (Barb Owens) Boy & Girls Club
• $1,000 (Debbie Lee & Carla Hemmer) CAHS
• $1,000 (Starr Williams & Craig Reed) Substance Abuse Awareness Committee
• $1,000 (Jason Cardenas) Hawthorne Little League
• $750 (Bret Charlie) Mineral County Deputy Sheriff Association
• $750 (Ruby Hume & Kendall Harris) Victory Garden Club
Thank you all for your continued support!