Heidi Bunch photos
Hawthorne’s Tim and Nancy Rutherford are one of many houses in town that went all out with Christmas lights and decorations this season.

Christmas season is a time when people and their families come together to celebrate, be merry and be full of light – literally.

During these times, people go all out with the holiday spirit with decorations. The tiny towns in Mineral County are no different than any other little town in America who take the time throughout the fall to decorate their homes and businesses with just the right lights and festive items.

A drive around town spent looking at the lights has become a tradition for many families who take the time to reminisce about their childhood while sharing in the delight of the children of today.

Take time to grab a hot chocolate, load up the family in the car and drive around town and enjoy the light show.

The classic Volkswagen van of Jason and Melissa Cardenas is decked out in Christmas cheer.

It would be hard to miss the house of Steve and Kris Waldon that brightens up their neighborhood and is complete with light-up candy canes.

Brandon Womack and Hillary Pellett (left) and Duane Henry and Nicolette Kerley’s houses are both must-see light displays.