Former SOC firefighter at the Hawthorne Army Depot Chase Lawrence is being called a hero for his brave actions during the tragedy at the Route 91 Festival in Las Vegas last Sunday.

In the light of the tragic mass shooting in Las Vegas, the focus has been on the victims, survivors, and heroes.

Another Mineral County hero has been recognized. Formerly a SOC firefighter at the Hawthorne Army Depot, Chase Lawrence worked at the depot for two years before moving down to the Vegas area where he is employed at the Henderson Fire Department.

Brought to the Independent-News’ attention by Lawrence’s grandfather, Ron Marshall – the story of Lawrence’s heroism begins the same as many stories we’ve heard before.

Lawrence too was at the concert when the shooting began. The rest is told by Debbie Mac Leod Hamlin, the mother of Kristina, the girl that Lawrence helped to save.

“To Chase Lawrence, there are few words that can express how grateful I am to you for protecting my daughter as you laid on top of her to shield her from shots. You also kept calm and in the moments where she thought she was going to die you were the voice that assured her that she was going to live, and you helped make that happen. I have heard you feel as though you didn’t do enough to save and help people.”

She continues, “I want you to know you are a hero in every sense of the word. You risked your life for my daughter and I thank you with all my heart. You are a hero to all of us. You were not meant to die that night because you have more to do on this Earth. As a fireman I know you have more lives to save. Please don’t think for one minute you didn’t do enough because you did everything.”

It seems that the stories of heroism are drowning out the rumors and suspicion of the shooter, Stephen Paddock.

Lawrence responded to Mac Leod Hamlin by stating, “It’s the simple words like this that actually will help me sleep calmly at night and not stress over the fact that I may not have done enough. I’ve recently learned that in saving the life of one I was actually able to change the outcome of an entire family and friends that would have been affected. And to that in return I thank you, not only to the kind words but the peace of mind you being to me. I will be honored on the day I get to meet you.”

Mac Leod Hamlin also expressed interest in meeting Lawrence.

He is the son of Pam and Robin Lawrence and the grandson of the following: Ron and Vicki Borst, Jean and Ron Marshall and Bob and Peggy Tompkins.

“Angels were watching over all of you!” Mc Leod Hamlin concludes.