Courtesy photo  Library Director Courtney Oberhansli and Scary Story contest winner Amyah Boyd.

Courtesy photo | Library Director Courtney Oberhansli and Scary Story contest winner Amyah Boyd.

Submitted by Courtney Oberhansli, Director

The winner of the Mineral County Library Scary Story Contest is 17 year old Amyah Boyd. Amyah submitted a very scary, well written short story and we congratulate her on her excellent work. For her winning entry, Amyah received a canvas tote bag filled with fun items and a gift certificate from Mr. Beane’s, all courtesy the Friends of the Library. Amyah is a senior at Mineral County High School who loves to write. She has many other interests including cheerleading, photography, and dance choreography which she might pursue in college. However, she is also interested in becoming a nurse.  We expect to see a bright future for Ms. Boyd.

The Scary Story Contest is just one of the many ways that Mineral County Library supports learning opportunities and encourages creative expression. In fact, our 5-year strategic plan lists these as primary goals to fulfill and we try to offer fun and engaging ways for our patrons to learn and grow. To keep apprised of the many exciting programs and events we offer, see our Facebook page at or see the Events tab for our current calendar of events at

Submitted story by Amaya

At 10 pm on October 31st, I walk the lonely streets of Hawthorne. The silence of the night is eerie. The cold wind travels through my body, creating goosebumps on every inch of my skin. My teeth are hitting each other forcefully, and my limbs shake uncontrollably. I can see my breath and can feel my lungs fill with thick cold air. The message I receive from my best friend causes me to stop in my footsteps and stare at my phone with my eyes the size of a golf ball. It reads “I can see his shadow peering into my window, it is too late.” I message back at least 10 times; my thumbs becoming stiff from the weather. Another message comes through, and reads, “I have her now, come or I will take her soul, tell nobody.” My mind races back and forth between the idea of going home, and potentially saving my best friend. I must try. I find her shared location and run as fast as I can. I see nothing but a landscape of trees in front of me, and then him. The man from the window. His extremities abnormally long, his sharp grin with knives as teeth. His head is tilted, almost touching his shoulder, he looks happy to see me. His long finger points towards the top of the trees, and I see her. A rope tied around her neck. Her lifeless body hangs above her killer. My knees hit the wet soil. His laugh echoes among the trees and when I look up I see nothing but his eyes and smile peering down at me. I am next.