Courtesy photo | Gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt attended the Mineral County High football game against Tonopah Friday after campaigning with fellow republican candidates earlier at the El Capitan.

Mineral County Republicans gathered at the El Capitan Casino to meet with state candidates prior last Friday night’s football game where the Serpents took on the Tonopah Muckers.

The hour long event began with an informal talk with Mike Roberson, running for Lieutenant Governor, who praised Hawthorne-born Jodi (Isom) Stephens for all her work on helping to put Hawthorne on the map and for keeping Roberson in line while working with the Nevada Senate.

“The good news is, we are five days into early voting and today is the sixth day. We have won state-wide. The Republicans have outperformed the Democrats the last three days – statewide,” he shared with the audience before introducing Crescent Hardy.

Hardy, who is making another run at his bid for Congress; introduced by Roberson who stated that Hardy does a great job for rural Nevada.

“I am a fifth generation Nevadan. Regardless of what Mike [Roberson] says, I live in the real rural Nevada,” Hardy opened up with.

“It was a privilege to serve last time [in Congress]. One of the things that happened after I lost, I was very comfortable. I went back to my little farm that hadn’t been touched in 20 years, enjoying life and then Ruben Kihuen got in trouble and the phone started ringing off the hooks,” he said.

“I grew up with the ability to live the American dream. A fifth generation son of Mormon ranchers, my dad probably never made more than $10,000 or $15,000 a year in his life but, here’s the point – with that being said, I never needed for anything. I had a roof over my head, clothes on my back and food in my belly, because those were the necessities. So I live with that dream of wanting to have more for myself or for my children. I’ve lived that dream,” Hardy explained to those in the audience.

He explained that the worse time of his life is when he had to lay employees off from his business because they too had families to feed, clothe and house. Hardy explained, “What gives us patriotic attitudes is families. When a father can take care of his family, take care and provide the necessities and give them a little extra in life, that’s all a father ever dreams of. That’s all I’ve ever dreamed of and I want my children to have the same opportunity.”

Adam Laxalt spoke to those in attendance after being introduced by Hardy who reflected on the Laxalt family history in Nevada politics.

“Are we motivated for this election?” Laxalt asked.

“When I was elected [for attorney general] I had promised the entire state, especially rural Nevada that we were going to fight back against the federal government, give us a little breathing room, because at that time, the Obama Administration was absolutely stepping on Nevada. Mining, agriculture, ranching – the federal agencies were not treating us with respect. They were doing a lot of things that was making it hard for everyday life Nevadans to put food on their tables. Much less any opportunity to grow or expand. So we fought that,” he explained while discussing the listing of the sage grouse and putting water in control of the federal government.

“… we are going to have a couple of years under this administration to fight for rural Nevada. Find ways that we can free our people and communities to be able to expand and be able to make sure our families can be raised in these communities. That means good jobs waiting for them so they will stay in these communities. That is what we are going to be motivated for,” Laxalt told the crowd.

Laxalt made a push to have voters take other voters to the polls to early vote, so the Independent-News reached out to Mineral County Clerk Christopher Nepper what percentage of voters had turned out for early voting so far in the county. At press time, he reported 26 percent. Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 6 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The Independent-News will be covering the tally of votes as they come into the courthouse that night.