Dear Editor,

We would like to open by thanking Pastor Jeremy Williams for starting a movement here in Mineral County. We need this kind of positive movement in our communities. People coming together for good and proclaiming goodness rather than the negativity and animosity that is in our nation today. Our hope is, this movement will continue. There are those who thrive on the negative and it prevents good forward progress.

We need to continue to move towards bettering our communities. When groups of God fearing Christians come together good movement happens. If all of us can take just a few seconds and think before we speak especially when we are facing something that has aroused our passions, there is a better chance we will say something that can make a positive change rather than a knee jerk reaction resulting in more animosity.

We have believed in the power of prayer for a number of years and we know that it makes a difference. Thank you to our Pastor, Rob Gibson for the powerful prayers and our church family for your wonderful fellowship, we love you. Remember, hardships can be viewed as setbacks or opportunities to grow, we choose to grow and we want you to join us.

Phil 4:13

Randy and Tammy Adams


Dear Editor,

I never expected to write to you but I must address my thoughts on this preventable tragedy that took place in our Mineral County Sheriffs Dept. There is a 27 year old young lady dead. That should have never happened. Our police department does not have the right to make personal judgment on someone in detox begging for medical attention for three days.

This young lady told Sgt. Holland and Deputy Gulcynski and more than likely others of her medical problems during her detox but they chose to ignore her. It is very hard to understand this kind of disregard when someone is throwing up, shaking with seizure, not eating, asking for help. If we as human beings saw someone lying in the street in this condition, our first thought would be to get help. The sad part of all this it would of took a two minute walk to the hospital. Do not use the excuse for your neglect and incompetence by saying we are a small community with little resources. What a sad cop-out because you did not do your job. Yes Mr. Adams, you are responsible, as is the undersheriff and many deputies all that knew of this inmate in detox, from the deputy that arrested her, to those supposed to be checking on her.

They would have known how sick this girl was, asking for medical attention to deaf ears. All of you need to find another line of work; the police department is not for you. I am very sure that her parents or grandmother would have been more than happy to pay the hospital bill if given the opportunity, than to have to accept the outcome the Mineral County Sheriff’s office chose, which was inhuman treatment of their daughter while detained by the Mineral County Sheriffs Dept.

Linda Seymour


Dear Editor,

First, and foremost, I want to offer my family’s condolences and prayers to the family and friends of Kelly Coltrain, over her death, while in custody at the Mineral County Sheriff’s Office in July of 2017.

Secondly, I want to state, on the record, that I am truly, sorry for the nightmare that has descended, and affected, the good and caring citizens of Mineral County regarding this senseless and inexcusable tragedy. And lastly, for those who think that I would create a fake social media account just to unleash a series of comments, and or insults, on the citizens of Mineral County in the wake of this all, you don’t know me very well, or even at all. Those who do know me, know that if I have something to say (good, bad or indifferent), I won’t hide behind any fake social media accounts or a keyboard (like a coward) to set forth my comments…I will say them directly to your face!

I did not create any fake social media account profiles and, additionally, I have been off Facebook for over two years now and don’t intend to get back on that social media forum at all. I was just as blindsided as many of you were, over the release of the jail cell video and the subsequent national news exposure and corresponding newspaper articles. Contrary to some select few’s popular beliefs, as stated in social media forums (again), I did not reach out to the media; rather, they reached out to me to obtain my input on this incident as your former Sheriff of Mineral County. I had no clue, until being advised by a group of concerned Mineral County residents, that derogatory comments were being stated about me on social media sites. Maybe someone, who has the determination to find out the truth, can delve into the Facebook account, being linked to me, and uncover the individual creating the upset among everyone on the site.

Thank you for reading and hearing me out on this letter. May the family and friends of Kelly Coltrain receive the support and love they deserve from Mineral County and its residents.

Stewart Handte


Dear Editor,

*Heads must roll*

For the sheriffs department to let this kind of inhumane treatment of someone who is incarcerated in the Mineral County Jail. You know folks I don’t even know the words to describe it other than you don’t even treat an animal that way. This girl was begging for her life.

To see a doctor or be taken to the hospital which is no more than “five” minutes away. I’m asking for all the good people in Mineral County to flood the Independent News with their thoughts and feelings about this.

This will never go away or be forgotten. The Mineral County Sheriff’s Department and the town of Hawthorne has been scarred forever, due to the action that was not taken by the Sheriffs Dept. Which was “nothing” as in “zero.” I’m asking all the good people of Mineral County to join in, that the commissioners “demand” the immediate “resignation” of Mr. Adams, Mr. Ferguson or “fired.” Also hire Mr. Perry as our new sheriff. “Promote” Mr. Charlie to most senior deputy position. Let’s face it folks, this is going to be a huge task to ease the pain that the now Sheriffs Dept. has put upon “America’s Patriotic Home.” What if Kelly Coltrain was a family member of yours? As I said in my opening, “Heads must roll.” “To the good people in Mineral County.”

Have a healing week, Thank you for reading.

William “Butch” Seymour