Dear Editor,

The Western Pyrotechnic Association is proud to announce that the eighth annual “DO IT” fireworks convention will once again, return to Hawthorne on Sept. 20 for four days, at the Hawthorne Racetrack, on Bonanza Road. As in years past, the dirt bike trails at the track and surrounding open areas, are closed from Tuesday, Sept. 19 thru the 24 and will re-open on Monday, Sept. 25. We appreciate the cooperation of all persons who normally would ride in this area, to abide by this closure, as it’s for the safety of all.

All of our convention participants are eager to return to Hawthorne and entertain the community for these three nights. We have found that the community, by in large, supports and enjoys our event as much (if not more) than our membership does, and so we gladly return to your community. We look forward to this event all year, and many of our members favor this event over our larger event held in Lake Havasu City, Ariz. each February, due to the friendly and accommodating attitude of Hawthorne residents, county commissioners and local businesses.

Nightly fireworks can be viewed from designated areas along Bonanza Road and we welcome your attendance. Please follow parking and viewing area directions as prescribed by the Mineral County Search and Rescue team, led by Glenn Bunch, as these areas are designated for your safety.

During the day, the testing of pyrotechnic devices will possibly be heard from the hours of 8 a.m. and concluding at 11 a.m. While we don’t intentionally come to your community to cause harm or discomfort to your pets, animals or livestock, it is the reality of fireworks to be unsettling for animals. We hope this article will be published well in advance of the event, so those of you with pets, can seek alternate lodging during this weekend and/or solicit the opinion and services of your veterinarian so as to minimize the discomfort your animals might experience. Also – do not bring your pets with you to view the fireworks. It’s very common to have pets run off due to the noise level, and none of us want this to happen.

We look forward to returning to Hawthorne and making this a mutually beneficial event for all involved.

Thank you once again to Hawthorne, its residents and local officials for helping to make this event possible.

Mark these dates on your calendar and we hope to see you there!

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Greg Dandurand

The Western Pyrotechnic Association

Dear Editor,

Well, I must have upset Hawthorne’s career drug dealers.

I truly believe that these people are starting to see justice lurking around every corner.

They won’t stop selling drugs though, these are family run illegal drug businesses here in Hawthorne and the people who operate these businesses have been doing this for so long, they feel like they are entitled.

Do you think it bothers these drug dealers when they hear about the problems drugs cause in families and with young people right here in Hawthorne?

They probably cry their poor little eyes out when they hear about this sort of thing.

I don’t know if it does any good, but I “drop dimes” on drug dealers and buyers every chance I get. “Dropping Dimes”. I love that old Babbitt slang talk from the 1960’s and 1970’s when it cost $.0.10 to make a phone call from a phone booth. Maybe I’ll get myself a Batman outfit.

I already know a couple of Batwomen, maybe I can get them to help out, too.

Jerry Herod