Larry Grant, director of Hawthorne Utilities stopped by the Independent-News last week to discuss the recent fire at the Hawthorne Landfill.

He explained that on Aug. 20 he was informed that the construction and debris pile was fully engulfed in flames.

“The Mineral County Fire Department was on scene and used a fire foam and water mixture to extinguish the fire. Hawthorne Utilities personnel using heavy equipment pushed the burning material out away from unaffected trash so it could be sprayed with water to extinguish,” he explained.

The source of initial ignition was in the northwest corner of the construction and debris pile and he stated it was very difficult to access.

Hawthorne Utilities personnel worked around the clock from Aug. 20 to Aug. 22 to get the fire completely extinguished.

“We removed approximately 200 yards of material to gain access to the last of the smoldering trash. All removed material were spread out to 24 inch depth and soaked with water to ensure no embers were present. The material was then dozed back into a pile and replaced back into the cell from where it was removed, recompacted and covered once again with final cover,” he concluded.

Those citizens who have questions regarding the fire at the dump may contact Grant at Hawthorne Utilities by calling 775-945-2486.