Courtesy photo The 2018 Hawthorne Stingray Swim Team. From left, back row:  Coach Jim Bennett, Debbie Bennett, Madisyn Carlson, Madeline Bennett, Coach Kathy Trujillo, Erika Lightfoot, Sofia Castillo-Trujillo, Megan Dragon, Jayden Waggoner, Coach Marty Waggoner. From left, front row: Reese Holton, Aubrey Waggoner, Mason Hall, Madilynn Hall, Mickey Boyles, Hector Martinez, Lauren Dragon.

Hawthorne’s Stingray Swim Team represented the community well at the final meet of the season, also known as the medal meet, in Lovelock on June 30. The team has been practicing daily since early June under the direction of Kathy Trujillo, Jim Bennett and Marty Waggoner. The coaches placed emphasis on overcoming fears, mental strength, physical endurance and good sportsmanship. Swimmers are encouraged to improve continuously during the season, meeting or beating personal goals and previous times. “I am happy to report that every swimmer attained a PR (personal record) through the course of the season,” stated Trujillo, adding, “PR’s are as good as gold in my book.”

The 2018 roster included more than 30 swimmers in almost every age group. “I am looking to recruit some male swimmers in the 13-14 and 15-18 age group next year,” was the comment often heard by coach Jim as the team had no competitors in those races. Swimmers who practiced with the team and competed throughout the season but did not attend the medal meet included: Cohen Hagen; Aubrey Waggoner; Jayden Waggoner; Martin Waggoner; Aiden Bostic; Persaues Briggs; Riley Pope; Haley Pope; Katelyn Bradt; Dillon Cornella; Gabriella Hoferer; Trinity Devall; Jovie Riccio; George Smith and Jeremia Johnson.

Coach Marty joined the Stingrays overseeing the intermediate group. The intermediates included many swimmers who had not been a part of a competitive season before or who were just learning the different strokes. Coach Jim, in his sixth year, continued to work with the “animals,” or more seasoned swimmers including his daughter, Madeline who will be attending the University of Nevada in the fall. Debbie Bennett also helped many swimmers refine their strokes in the water and was a constant source of encouragement. Trujillo focused on the younger swimmers and stressed the importance of confidence in the water and at the competitions. Trujillo, who has been managing the Stingrays for the past seven years, also coordinates with teams from Yerington, Lovelock and Round Mountain throughout the season.

The team offered their gratitude to those who helped in any way during the season: the lifeguards; YCAC van drivers; Mineral County Park and Recreation; the Hawthorne Jr. High School Dream Team; local swim meet volunteers (timers, gun starter, ready bench, card table, runners and ribbon writers); Jennifer Crittenden (computer guru); families and friends. Next year, the Stingrays will host the medal meet in Hawthorne on June 29, 2019. They are considering adding a distance competition and already the Stingrays are thinking of ways to add to the fun of the last meet of the season.


Boys 100 Meter Medley Relay: Bronze Medals – Hector Martinez, TC Knight, Reese Holton and Mason Buchner. Time – 2.13:64

Girls 100 Meter Medley Relay: 4th Place – Team A: Shawna Clark, Shannon Straw, Sofia Castillo-Trujillo and Madeline Bennett. Time – 1:46.68

Girls 100 Meter Medley Relay: 5th Place – Team B: Madilynn Hall, Peyton Muniz, Megan Dragon and Madisyn Carlson. Time 2:41.4

Mixed 9-10 Free Relay – 5th Place: Hector Martinez, Lauren Dragon, Peyton Muniz and TC Knight. Time – 3.00.73

Mixed 11-12 Free Relay – 5th Place: Reese Holton, Shawna Clark, Megan Dragon and Shannon Straw. Time – 1:56.26

Mixed 15-18 Free Relay: Bronze Medal – Sofia Castillo-Trujillo, Madisyn Carlson, Madeline Bennett and Mason Buchner.

Boys 6 and under

Mickey Boyles: Butterfly, Gold Medal, 39.19; Backstroke, 9th Place, 1:13.85; Breast, Gold Medal, 42.34; Freestyle, Silver Medal, 43.62.

Hector Martinez: Butterfly, Silver Medal, 50.46; Backstroke, Gold Medal, 37.73; Breast, Silver Medal, 44.95; Freestyle, Gold Medal, 34.30.

Girls 6 and under

Madilynn Hall: Butterfly, Bronze Medal, 1:01.47; Backstroke, Bronze Medal, 1:04:03; Breast, Silver Medal, 54.00.

Boys 7 – 8

Mason Hall: Butterfly, 14th Place, 52.36; Backstroke, 13th Place, 58.17; Breast, 16th Place, 1:00.72.

Girls 7-8

Lauren Dragon: Butterfly, 12th Place, 1:02.77; Backstroke, 16th Place, 52.77; Breast, 17th Place, 1:04.13; Freestyle, 17th Place 1:00.64.

Boys 9-10

TC Knight: Butterfly, 7th Place, 41.20; Backstroke, 5th Place, 38.08; IM, 6th Place, 3:31.33; Breast, 9th Place, 40.68; Freestyle, 6th Place, 33.52;

Reese Holton: Backstroke, Gold Medal, 27.30; IM, Silver Medal, 2:35.61; Breast, Bronze Medal, 36.71; Freestyle, Bronze Medal, 25.30.

Girls 9-10

Peyton Muniz: Butterfly, 9th Place, 42.11; Backstroke, 18th Place, 42.91; IM, 16th Place, 3:42.50; Breast, 19th Place, 53.00; Freestyle, 19th Place, 42.30;

Shawna Clark: Butterfly, 10th Place, 58.50; Backstroke, 16th Place, 36.62; IM, 17th Place, 4:11.90; Breast, 18th Place, 52.08; Freestyle, 17th Place, 35.74.

Boys 11-12

Brennan Dore: Butterfly, 7th Place, 1:11.55; Backstroke, Bronze Medal, 1:01.70; IM, 4th Place, 2:24.27;

Girls 11-12

Shannon Straw: Butterfly, Gold Medal, 46.64; Backstroke, Gold Medal, 50.58; IM, Gold Medal, 1:49.00; Breast, 6th Place, 1:00.56; Freestyle, Gold Medal, 45.00.

Megan Dragon: Butterfly, 15th Place, 1:24.93; Backstroke, 14th Place, 1:07.70; IM, 12th Place, 2:59.48; Breast, 18th Place, 1:35.66; Freestyle, 17th Place, 1:10.18.

Boys 13-14

Mason Buchner: Butterfly, Bronze Medal, 1:13.75; Backstroke, Bronze Medal, 1:05.75; IM, Bronze Medal, 2:15.74; Breast, Bronze Medal, 1:06.75; Freestyle, Bronze Medal, 52.50.

Girls 13-14

Sofia Castillo-Trujillo: Butterfly, 4th Place, 50.34; Backstroke, 5th Place, 51.30; IM, 5th Place, 1:53.96; Breast, 4th Place, 56.30; Freestyle, 5th Place, 47.77.

Girls 15-18

Madisyn Carlson: Butterfly, 4th Place, 45.80; Backstroke, Bronze Medal, 47.32; IM, 4th Place, 1:43.30; Breast, 6th Place, 54.50; Freestyle, 6th Place, 39.20.

Madeline Bennett: Butterfly, 5th Place, 46.57; Backstroke, Silver Medal, 43.30; IM, Bronze Medal, 1:38.81; Breast, Bronze Medal, 50.99; Freestyle, Bronze Medal, 37.97.

Erika Lightfoot: Butterfly, 9th Place, 1:19.31; Backstroke, 9th Place, 1:12.04; IM, 8th Place, 2:50.30; Breast, 8th Place, 1:16.86; Freestyle, 9th Place, 1:11.60.