Sheri Samson
From left, Kati McCune and Talina Hicks proudly show off their completed quilting projects.

The lost art of quilting was resurrected in the Mineral County High School’s Career and Technical classes. The class entitled “Clothing and Textiles”, had instructor, Sandra Jones, teaching various formats of practical living through pathways of career-orientated classroom instruction. This particular curriculum was part of a three-year program in which students learn a variety of basic living skills, while highlighting topics such as cooking, child development and other detailed accomplishments.

“In this class, students learned about the actual sewing machine and related tools or attachments; stitching and cutting patterns; basic repairs as well as creating selected projects,” Jones explained. “In a year they made a simple pillow case, apron of their choice, a “quillow” which is a blanket-pillow combination and then ultimately the quilts.”

Students Kati McCune and Talina Hicks completed their quilts after selecting a color scheme of choice, cutting the cotton fabrics to size, learning the entire skill set of quilting, then slowly making the progress to complete their projects during class time.

A donation of cotton fabrics and thread would be greatly appreciated by this program, in preparation for next year’s classes. Please contact the MCHS instructor by calling 775-945-3332.