Mineral County Board of County Commissioners highlights from April 18

Safety message

Emergency Management Director Patrick Hughes discussed speeding as this meetings safety topic.

Public comment

Public Works Director Eric Hamrey discussed the community clean-up. He stated that it took a day and a half to get it accomplished. He wanted to thank all of the people who helped.

Commissioner Jerrie Tipton advised all department heads to get their changes to Hughes by April 27.

BLM updates

Kenneth Collum with the Bureau of Land Management to discuss program updates in Mineral County. He stated that there is not a lot new for Mineral County and he has been tied up with the Navy for the last few months. Isabella Pearl public comment closed on April 22. Walker River State Park has received two ten year permits for livestock in the area. Hamrey asked that the BLM come down and do a presentation regarding the Walker Lake Boat Ramp. Tipton asked Collum if there will be any issues with the Isabella Pearl mine site.

Fire department door

Hamrey asked for funding to replace a damaged 12×12 door at Hawthorne Fire Department. Hamrey will file a claim.

Senior Services grant

Cherrie George met with the commissioners in regards to acceptance of Aging and Disability Services Division 9ADSD home-delivered meals program equipment grant in the amount of $926 with required match of $164. This grant is for baskets for the delivery vehicles. Motion passed.

Justice court employee

Judge Jay T. Gunter asked for sick leave donation for a justice court employee not to exceed 80 hours. The motion passed.

Office for emergency

Hughes met with the commissioners to designate a location for the office of Emergency Management and Emergency Operations Center. Discussion of emergency services between the Armory building and the building behind the sheriff’s office. Wanda Nixon asked what would be needed to make the Armory building functional for an office of emergency management. Hughes was advised to come back with his recommendations. It will be reagendized.

Parcel #001-255-10

Mark Nixon, Planning Commission Chairman discussed the zoning for Steven Kelley on parcel #001-225-10 from C1 to R1. This property is located on 3rd and E Street. The commissioners approved.

Nevada Planning Guide

Frederick Steinmann made a presentation for the Nevada Chapter of the American Planning Association and the Nevada Leadership Program-UCED regarding the February 2017 Nevada Planning Guide and professional development opportunities offered by the Chapter and the Nevada Leadership Program. He discussed that the Nevada Leadership Program works with economic development. No action was taken.

Destruction of private property

Mary and Rex Mills discussed the destruction of private property up Cory Canyon. Mary explained that when they purchased the property – the gate was locked.

She stated that graffiti is starting to appear as well as truck loads of garbage.

Tipton explained that the county built the gate and there is a 50-foot easement on each side of the road.

Mary said she has no problem with giving people keys to her property. She is tired of cleaning up other people’s trash. Question about putting cameras on that property.

Larry Grant stated that you cannot stop people from using that road. “This is a law enforcement problem,” he said. The gate was built in the 1970’s.

“So how do we get the sheriff’s office to buy into this,” Tipton asked Grant.

Grant said that he feels that the dumped tires and trash come from other counties where they have no free landfills.

Grant will take photos of trash etc. to the sheriff’s office to get them to prosecute the offenders.

Hawthorne Mobile Home Park

Dana Tommila met with the commissioners relative to Hawthorne Mobile Home Park accepting RV’s. Craig Nixon explained that with talking to the district attorney, that any trailer over 30-foot can be in the park. Under 30 foot, the property owner will need to put in a shower/laundry facility. Tommila quoted Chapter 17 stating that the said property is a trailer park.

Transient trailers less than 30 foot can only stay for three months.

Tommila asked why property on J Street is allowed to have small trailers and junk piled up but her employee is trying to clean the property and is being denied.

“I think we are just coming up with a way for this to work by NRS,” Tipton said.

No action was taken.

Sage Grouse management

The commissioners signed the memorandum of understanding with BLM regarding the Sage Grouse Resource Management plan.

Lands Bill

Tipton stated that they need to have it on their radar about a potential “Lands Bill” if necessary for the I-11 discussion.

Harold Dimmick said, “Don’t do a Lands Bill. If you do, you are making a deal with the devil.”

Public defender contract

The commissioners discussed the selection of a public defender for Mineral County for fiscal year 2018-19. This item was continued from the April 4 meeting. Discussion of requests for proposals. Commissioner Garth Price made a motion to keep the services of the current public defender.

Acceptance of codes

Building Inspector Mike Fontaine met with the commissioners to adopt the existing 2012 International Building Code and the 2012 International Property Maintenance Code.

Dimmick voiced his concerns about the adoption of these codes. He stated he is worried that if someone has a vendetta against another, these code enforcements could become ugly.

Price made a motion to stay with the 2012 building codes and not adopt the international property maintenance codes. Motion passed.


Tipton recognized the crews that cleaned up the town of Hawthorne. Price extended his gratitude on this issue also.

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