Sheri Samson
Mineral County High student Brookelyn Seabert was selected to be a participant at a leadership summit at John Hopkins University this summer.

As Mineral County High School’s sophomore student Brookelyn Seabert, embraced her dream of someday working in the medical profession as a Pediatric Surgeon, her favorite classes of health and science with Melissa Cardenas and chemistry with Mrs. Keady seemed to pay off.

As the June 25 Leadership Summit is quickly on the horizon, Seabert was recently hand selected to be a participant at the John Hopkins University presentation, for a 9-day intense conference.

“I have dreamt of this kind of opportunity, with the chance to speak directly to these surgeons and see the medical community up close. I know that someday I will make a difference in the medical profession, but as a high school student to be chosen for this it’s such an honor for me to go,” Seabert exclaimed.

In reviewing the task before her, she immediately started a “Go-Fund-Me” page on Facebook and is attempting to formulate some fundraising ideas to keep on a payment plan of raising $4,000, which will cover her flight, room and board and the conference fees. She felt her church, Oasis Assembly, will be assisting her by hosting a dinner. She also has plans to organize a few car washes, which could help her reach this goal.

Seabert carries a 4.0 GPA and at 16 years old, she hasn’t stayed away from accomplishing tougher classes. With a goal in sight, which includes attending medical school, Seabert knows that her “grades of today will make a difference tomorrow”.

“I especially want to be assisting ill children someday and even as a small child I was pretending to be a nurse with all my baby dolls. I guess I have always wanted to make a big difference with my life’s career.”

Seabert is mindful of the financial commitment ahead, as well as the travel sacrifice, as her flight to and from this Baltimore, Md conference will give her the first-time responsibility of traveling alone. Also, realizing that this opportunity will provide her a prestigious addition to her college entrance as a referral piece, she is determined to raise the money and experience everything being offered to her at his time.

Sponsored by the Ambassador Leadership Program, students are chosen by invitation only and this annual conference site is already closed, while at capacity.

Each day will be full of various components such as patient exam seminars, leadership and ethics, CRP to medical equipment and cutting edge research presentations in the areas such as Gene Therapy to Global Health issues. Seabert will gain knowledge and a shared passion beside other American students, as they learn a path toward the medical field with an emphasis on college and career mandates. Team building will fuel the fire, as each student leaves with a community service project, designed for their own town home, which is sponsored by the leadership of the United Way.

To assist in this student’s endeavor, donations can be made directly through her “Go-Fund-Me” page, or feel free to contact her through the Mineral High School Career Training Coordinator, Debbie Hackford at 775-945-3332.