Board of County Commissioner Highlights from Feb. 7

Safety message

Emergency Manager Pat Hughes was not in attendance. Fire Chief Chris Lawrence gave the safety message regarding burning of weeds. He advised to contact the sheriff’s office prior to burning.

Public comment

Will Jones stated that he feels that the hardest workers in the county are the trash collectors. He asked for a $5 raise “across the board” for the trash collectors. He would like to see the sheriff’s office staff cut in half and the monies used to pay the trash collectors.

Michael Guss discussed the hardware store and sub shop closing. He gave some suggestions on whom to speak to.

Accounts payable/vouchers

Recorder-Auditor Christine Hoferer brought to the commissioners attention, a claim for $6,057 for an unemployment claim for a former park and recreation director. She explained that park and recreation did not have that much in their budget. She suggested that they also discuss this at budget time.

Hoferer explained the cash report to the commissioners. The general fund balance was $423,000, the vouchers were $212,000. Hoferer also explained that there are personal property billing that wasn’t sent out in the Assessor’s office. Interim Assessor Heather Drake explained the personal property billing.

The commissioners directed Hoferer to put out a memo regarding department heads to be cautious with spending and send out a memo stating so.

Hoferer asked the commissioners to make a transfer to the General Fund for the public administrator position for the salary and benefits of that position.

Reports and correspondence

Deputy Clerk Bonnie DeMars stated there was a letter regarding opioid addiction and a class action. Commissioner Jerrie Tipton explained the details behind the letter.

Business licenses

The following businesses were approved: Clint Jensen Construction, LLC (Clint Jensen); Fun Fair Kiddie Land Shows (Greg Mohr); Pearce Services, LLC. (Willcrest PS Intermediate Holdings, LLC.; Debbie’s Sweet Treats (Debra Sweet-Oberhansli) and Hedgehog Electric (Carling Barlow).

Liquor license

The board of commissioners entered into the Mineral County Liquor Board. They discussed a fundraising event for Barley’s Sports Bar for MicroWresting. Half will be donated to Armed Forces Day event – half to Barley’s. The item was approved.

Arrighi & Blake LLC

Joan Sciarani-Blake, CPA met with the commissioners regarding an engagement letter for the auditing firm of Arrighi & Blake, LLC for Mineral County in accordance with NRS 354.624 for fiscal year ending 6/30/19. Sciarani-Blake stated that the price did not increase. The commissioners stated the date is 2019 not 2018 as stated on the agenda.

Budget violation

Hoferer presented a letter to Department of Taxation advising of Mineral County’s corrective action for budget violation in FY2017 Financial Audit. Commissioner Tipton read the letter into record. The letter discussed overage for park and recreation fund overage.


Sheriff Randy Adams met with the commissioners’ relative on Memorandum of Understanding to allow the Attorney General’s office to pay 100% of installation of incinerator. Sheriff Adams explained that the attorney general’s office paid for the incinerator and will pay for installation.

Public Works Director Eric Hamrey asked what the amperage of the incinerator is.

The commissioners approved.

Memo of Understanding

Sheriff Adams needed signatures regarding an amended Memorandum of Understanding to provide Regional Public Safety between Lyon County, Mineral County and Storey County. It was approved.

Safe Grad

Bailey Pena represented the Safe Grad Committee in consideration for a donation for Safe Grad Night. Commissioner Garth Price made a motion to give $500 to the committee from the commissioner fund.

Mina Town Advisory Board

Jeff Barrow met for an appointment of a new member to the Mina Town Advisory Board. Patty Bond was appointed.

National Radon Action Month

Patty Click met with the commissioners for the consideration and possible action relative to approving a proclamation declaring February 2018, as “National Radon Action Month in Mineral, Nevada”. She stated the cooperative extension has free radon test kits. The proclamation was read into record and approved.

Walker Lake Advisory Board

Barbara Edington met with the commissioners relative to approval of Walker Lake Advisory Board members. The following were appointed: George Markle, Michael Pugh and Barbara Edington.

Road maintenance

Sheri Samson discussed the lack of proper road maintenance and enforcement of county codes in Walker Lake. Commissioner Tipton discussed that that the Regional Transportation meeting that they will discuss “cut” roads. Samson read into record a Mineral County Code regarding this issue.

She asked for a “task force” to go over the complaints she read into record within Walker Lake. The commissioners addressed some of her concerns. Explained to her to make nuisance complaints against RV’s and septic.

Discussion of open sewer and lots with junk on them. Hawthorne Utilities Director Larry Grant discussed the open pipe that is in the drain in question.

Fire/EMS software

Fire Chief Lawrence asked for the purchase of Fire/EMS reporting software. He explained that the fire department is currently using two systems. He would like to combine the two programs. Chief Lawrence explained the cost of the program. The motion carried.

Fire equipment

Fire Chief Lawrence explained the opportunity to purchase two ambulances and two engines from the Las Vegas Fire for a small percentage of the actual value. A motion to purchase equipment not to exceed $15,000 was made.

Sewer wetlands project

Grant explained to the commissioners that Hawthorne Utilities needs to go to bid for contractor for the Sewer Wetlands Project, setting dates to receive and open bids. Financing of the $1,647,740 closed Jan. 24, 2018. Grant would like to open the bids on March 7 at 10 a.m. The motion carried.

Sale of parcels

Jay Woods was in attendance to petition the commissioner to set an auction to sell parcel numbers: 007-190-37; 002-022-02; 003-122-03; 003-122-04; 003-122-05; 003-122-03; 003-122-04; 003-122-07 and 002-054-46. A motion was made to have the clerk to set a time frame in order to sell at auction.

Board vacancy

The appointment of “Representative at Large” board member to Mineral County Convention and Tourism Authority was placed on the agenda by Mike McNeill who was not in attendance. Gary Anderson was stated as the one who the board wished to fill the position. Commissioner Price stated that the vacancy was confusing as there were many different advertisements placed.

Connie Ellis brought paperwork showing that Anderson applied for the “hotel representative” position per his letter. Discussion of filling the position on the board. Commissioner Tipton threw the decision back to the convention and tourism board.

Senior services grant

Senior Services Director Cherrie George met with the commissioners to approve the Aging and Disability Services Division (ADSD) FY 2018 Nutrition Services Incentive Program supplemental award of $2,462. The motion passed.

Parcel sale

Johnny Bateman petitioned the commissioners to auction the following parcel: #007-180-01. The commissioners directed the clerk to set a timeframe for the auction.

Parcel sale

Jay Woods petitioned the commissioners to auction the following parcels: 007-19-037; 002-022-02; 003-122-03; 003-122-04; 003-122-05; 003-122-03; 003-122-04; 003-122-07 and 002-054-06. The commissioners directed the clerk to set a timeframe for the auction.

Title 17

Commissioner Tipton set a public hearing to adopt Title 17, Mineral County Zoning. The hearing was set for March 7 for 10:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.

Park and recreation application

The commissioners reviewed the applications that were turned in for the park and recreation coordinator. The commissioners set an interview date for Feb. 21.

Payroll deduction

The commissioners set up a payroll deduction for employees for the Boys and Girls Club of Mason Valley Hawthorne Site.

Regional Transportation Commission

Airport fuel report sold 490 gallons of jet fuel. 452 of low lead fuel sold. $281,057 was reported as their fund balance. The Regional Transportation Commission discussed the cutting of county roads. Commissioner Tipton asked that someone from the road department is on site to make sure the road is cut correctly. Discussion on securing asphalt at Walker Lake. Conversation on “orange book standards”. Discussion of doing easement work to be done at Walker Lake. Samson asked what will be done about the cracking roads at Walker Lake. Discussion of “No Hunting” signs for Walker Lake. One person asked if this will affect duck hunters at the lake. The commissioners explained yes.

Marijuana establishments

The commissioners met in a public hearing in regards to Ordinance 247A Bill 263 rescinding an ordinance which amended Mineral County Code Title 17 Chapter 8 Section 070 which regulated the operation of medical marijuana establishments.

District Attorney Rowe explained why the ordinance is being rescinded. Vincent Kellison explained that the county should get on board with collecting monies from marijuana sales.

Tom Bergeron, Jr. from Mina read a federal law why marijuana grow/sales should not be done in Mineral County. Bergeron asked why the building site on Montgomery Pass is having work done but there is no building permits issued. A representative from Queen Valley Resources talked about the building site at Montgomery Pass and building of a grow site. A motion was made to rescind the ordinance.