Sheri Samson
Patriots Pen contest honorees from the Junior High School and Mineral County High School Students pose with principal Jeff Wales and Counselor John Gavin.

When the Veterans of Foreign Wars ran their 2017 annual Patriots Pen contest, an overwhelming amount of patriotism came through from the students of Mineral County. With a special dinner arranged for Dec. 15, a selected group of junior high and high school students were brought together as honored students within the submission process.

Specific honors will be given at this dinner, with a first prize award being announced to one student who will advance to a national level within their presentation. Speeches were given in audio/video formats, such as one that highlighted “A Hope for the Future”. Others submitted written essays such as “A Voice of Democracy” which included an American history overview.

Counselor John Gavin, was awarded Educator of the Year, along with teacher, Diana Carr Isom from the Hawthorne Elementary School. Gavin stated, “Much thought went into everyone’s submissions and these awards have been an honest effort earned by these students.”