3Lion’s Park was packed on April 4 with anxious children dressed up in their Easter outfits, clutching an array of spring baskets and awaiting the go-ahead to run the grassy area filled with colored eggs.

It was a well-planned event by the Elk’s Lodge, with many volunteers and the Boys Scout Troop 75 assisting in the setup and take down activities.

About 100 kids, plus their family members, crowded the park with laughter and fun as 2,500 eggs were laid out within separate age groups to keep the event safe and happy. Upon arrival, McGruff the Crime Dog stood outside the fence to greet the kids that wished to shake hands or have a photo with him.

The egg hunt began once the children were properly lined up in their appropriate age groups.  An adult-sized bunny roamed the park to help the kids and allow wonderful photo ops for parents and family members to enjoy.

The Easter Bunny showed patience as many hugged on him, while some smaller children cried and ran from him, and others enjoyed his company.  The weather was a perfect spring day which allowed everyone a wonderful time together.