Public Comment

Will Jones and a representative from FarWest Engineering gave public comment.


Commissioner Cliff Cichowlaz stated that “he should make a deal with the newspaper” in regards to printing of forms. Commissioner Paul MacBeth stated, “We should have a contract with them.” The order was for envelopes. Deputy Recorder-Auditor Karli Wilbur stated, “They can order them from somewhere else.” Commissioner Jerrie Tipton talked about NACO and the printing of business forms.

A voucher Spillman reporting system for the sheriff’s office was questioned.

Wilbur advised the commissioners of a shortfall in the ambulance fund and was directed as to where to pull money from to cover the problem. The commissioners asked Fire Chief T.C. Knight what the amount is owed by Nye County. Knight was unsure and referred the commissioners to District Attorney Sean Rowe as he did not know the amount. Billing for the ambulance from Mt. Grant General Hospital to REMSA was explained by Knight. The commissioners want an update for the March 16 meeting. Recorder-Auditor Christine Hoferer stated that the letter from REMSA did not give much information on when the county would be reimbursed. Hoferer stated that she is looking out for the fund especially close to budget time and is scared that the reimbursement may not “fix the problem”. Funds from the ambulance reimbursement fund of $20,000 were transferred. MacBeth asked why REMSA isn’t reimbursing the county and asked Knight if something “fell through the cracks”. Discussion of the problems that arose where talked about.

Business Licenses

New business licenses that came before the Board of County Commissioners were: Energy Erectors, Inc. (Jason Kan-
gas); High Country Line Construction, Inc. (MYR Group, Inc.); Martin Ross Associates (Joseph E. Martin, CEO and Jason B. Patterson); Performance Solutions of Louisiana, LLC. (Blake K. Greer and Maynard J. Sanders II); Soil-Tech, Inc. (Jerry Stanley) and Wild Cat Brothel (Ronald A. Christino). All applications were accepted unless otherwise noted.

Building Inspector Mike Fontaine explained that Performance Solutions of Louisiana, LLC. is not a licensed Nevada contractor. Tipton made a motion to have Performance Solutions of Louisiana, LLC. obtain a Nevada contractors license.

Wild Cat Brothel water issues. MacBeth explained that he tasked Larry Grant, Director of Hawthorne Utilities to check on the water conditions at the Wild Cat. Grant stated that the water at the business has high selenium, arsenic and iron. A reverse osmosis system was installed in the bar area only. No system was used in the shower area, kitchen or bathroom areas. Tipton stated that any water consumed was bought. Grant explained that the customers need to be informed that they are showering in inappropriate water. Tipton explained that the state has investigated this situation through many owners of that business. Talk about “non-potable” water was discussed. Health Nurse Wanda Nixon had concern about patrons showering in non-potable water. The board explained that it is up to the State of Nevada to enforce the water issue – not a Mineral County issue. Tipton and Cichowlaz voted to approve the license for Wild Cat Brothel. MacBeth voted no.

Liquor License

The Mineral County Liquor Board met to discuss the liquor license for Wild Cat Brothel in Mina. The license was approved. Tipton, Adams and Cichowlaz voted to approve. MacBeth voted no. Rowe did not vote.

Prostitution Board License

The Mineral County Control Board for the Houses of Prostitution met to discuss the license for Wild Cat Brothel in Mina. The license was approved. Tipton, Adams and Cichowlaz voted to approve. MacBeth voted no. Rowe did not vote.

Manure Dumping at Corral

Betty Easley met with the Mineral County Commissioners to discuss the dumping of manure on county property at the Hawthorne corrals.

Easley explained that there is a sand-circle area (near the Chinese Cemetery) and corral owners would like to drag manure into that area.

Mike Trujillo, Director of Public Works, explained that the sand-circle area has encroached upon the cemetery.

Grant explained that the dumping of animal feces by Mineral County Ordinance is not allowed. It is still considered “dumping of trash”.

Grant feels that the corral owners and county have come to a great solution and advises that the board does not support the decision to drag the manure into the sand-circle area.

Clydene Clinger of the Horseman’s Association asked, “If we can’t take manure into the sand-circle to amend the ground, does it mean we can not do the same in the arena?”

Grant stated there are ways around it.

A letter from Terri Knutson, the area manager for Bureau of Land Management, stated that fines are illegal for also dumping of these materials on BLM land. The commissioner voted to not support the dumping of manure in the sand-circle area.

Discussion about a utility office roll-off at the corrals. A letter from the Horseman’s Association was read into record. Grant explained the county ordinances and stated that an ordinance change needs to be in effect to change water account to include a garbage account.

Discussion of using the manure as compost to individuals was discussed.

Katrina Bartoli, worries that those who want to throw community garbage into the Horseman’s Association roll-off, will make the charge of the manure of $70 a month to more just for trash in the load.

The fencing in of the roll-off was discussed at the corrals.

Grant explained that there is no ordinance in the county where it is illegal for others to dump trash into someone else’s container.

Closed Session

The commissioners went into closed session with Rowe. The commissioner moved to approve the labor agreements with the Mineral County Sheriff’s office deputies and dispatch workers.

Flooring at Hawthorne Senior Center

Cherrie George read a letter regarding the flooring at the Hawthorne Senior Center. George talked about the kitchen at the Armory Building to accommodate the needs of the senior center.

The atmosphere of the Armory Building was discussed. George explained that there is no other option. Cichowlaz explained that the old elementary school also has a kitchen that is mothballed.

A grant from the attorney general’s office was discussed for elder abuse.

Earth Day

Staci Emm, University of Nevada Reno Cooperative Extension asked to use Veteran’s Park/Ladybird Park for Earth Day on April 23. It was approved.

4H Program

Schyler Hagen and Catrinna Berginnis discussed 4H in Mineral County. There is currently a Ski Club and Lego Club.