Courtesy photo
Gemma and Gerald Reeves pose with Tucker Ziegler at this year’s Fall Festival event.

Send in the witches, clowns, and ghosts. The bumblebees, superheroes and dinosaurs will follow.

Filled with costumes galore, the University of Nevada Reno Cooperative Extension outdid them on providing a safe and controlled environment where both children and parents can gather and have fun without worry, in a safe and controlled environment.

This year, the annual event featured many games and treats from local businesses and community members.

“Our annual Fall Festival is to provide a drug and alcohol free evening for all families in our community. The collaboration with local businesses makes this even a possibility each year. We are proud to have had over 300 people in attendance with 130 children participating in our costume contest,” Cooperative Extension employees Schyler Hagen and Catrinna Berginnis explained.

A highlight this year was a dancing troupe of T-Rex dinosaurs, as well as many great costumes and face makeup created by parents.

Local businesses and individuals are urged to plan on attending next year’s event.