Armed Forces Day is still months away yet one Hawthorne local is continuing her quest to bring in airplanes for the flyover.

Betty Easley, of Hawthorne, has organized the flyover the last few years. The flyover is a much-anticipated start of the Armed Forces Day parade.

In order to make sure that we continue this tradition, Easley has been asking residents to share their cans for recycling with her.

The money generated helps to pay for the flyover fuel that is given to each aircraft. She explained that the fuel costs of each flyover plane varies, but can range from $100 to $700.

The formation flight team received $1,700 in 2014 and 2015 for their flight that included the Missing Man Formation.

Can donations are accepted yearly. They can be left at the airport by the door to the parking lot, at 901 I Street by the porch or call Easley and she will pick them up. She can be reached at 775-945-9286.

Not only do the planes fly down Main Street on the third Saturday in May, but Easley also organizes a static display at the airport where pilots are able to interact with those in the communities and share their passion for airplanes and flying.

Easley said, “Thank you to all who have been donating their cans. Like it takes lots of grains of sand to make a beach, every can donated adds up to the total amount in the fund.” She also explained that donations have came from individuals, businesses, organizations and donation jars around town.

If you would like to donate to the flyover account but do not collect cans, donations can be made directly to the Flyover Account #16940 at Financial Horizons Credit Union.