Dear Editor,

The Presbyterian women will not be having their bazaar this year due to medical problems of several of our ladies not being able to work. We apologize to all of our loyal friends who come for lunch and fellowship.

Thank you,

Linda Young

Dear Editor,

It has been brought to my attention that in last week’s paper 09/28/17 the article about the donations being made by Scotty’s Sinclair to Mineral County Booster Club is not accurate.  The article stated that Scotty’s is donating ten cents per gallon when in fact they are donating one penny per every gallon of fuel sold.  It also stated something about $1000 a month this is completely inaccurate.  The amount of the monthly donation is based on how much fuel is sold per month.

I appreciate the article bringing attention to the generosity of Scotty’s Sinclair, however, I am very displeased about the inaccurate information stated!  If I had been asked prior to the article being written I could’ve clarified any needed information.  I would appreciate if a new article with the correct information could be written and printed.

Thank you for your time.

Michele  Hart

Mineral County Booster Club

Dear Editor,

I read the article about the abandoned car at Walker Lake with great interest. Now I have a question. Since the land in question belongs to no one; not the USA, not the state, not the county, nor any private citizen, does that mean I could commit a criminal act there and there would be no prosecution? Technically the property doesn’t exist, so any criminal activity happening there would not exist, would it?

I’ve got an idea. There was a registered owner who abandoned the car. Someone in one of the governmental agencies, preferably county, get on the phone to that person. Tell them the car is classified as “LITTER” and the fine for littering is $250 a day until the mess is cleaned up. Or does that require too much backbone?

Charlie Morris

Walker Lake