Dear Editor,

Happy anniversary to Jack and his wife! All my boys grew up with his kids and I always remember one thing about his kids, very, very kind and respectful. Glad to hear you are still there, Jack.

Allie Miller

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Dear Editor,

And friends and supporters of the American Legion:

As many of you know the American Legion has hosted Thanksgiving Dinner for many years, decades even. Over the years we have served thousands and hope with your help to continue this long-standing tradition. As in the past few years, we are again asking for your help with donations to help cover the cost of the food and supplies. All donations can be picked up by a designated officer, mailed to the American Legion Post, P.O. Box 1491, Hawthorne, NV 89415 or left with the on-duty bartender.

Please help us keep the tradition going. Questions or any other information needed should be directed to the post during business hours 3-5 p.m. (945-5226). We would like to thank you and greatly appreciate your donation to the American Legion’s 2017 Thanksgiving Dinner. It is with your help, that we can provide this Holiday Dinner to those homebound, and those that come down to join us and eat at the legion hall Thanksgiving Day. Thank You and we hope to see you all again next year. Happy Holidays.

Thanks for your support

The American Legion

Dear editor,

Enclosed is a check for $55 to renew my subscription for, Mary M. Konen.

Doesn’t seem possible that I’m back here in Minnesota 29 years, will be 30 next years in June of 2018.

Each year, I think I’ll cancel, but then change my mind. Still looking forward to the news from Hawthorne. Do have one complaint – all those circulars that come in the paper. All those sales are over by the time I get them, even if we do not have some of the stores here.

I still love Hawthorne and all the great memories and all the wonderful people we knew. Miss the mountains – not happy at some of the news regarding the drugs, etc. – of course, we have some here. But doesn’t fill the newspaper quite so full.

Most of the people we knew in Hawthorne are probably not there anymore. Will keep in touch at Christmas.

I did have my 93rd birthday in April 2017. Still able to be in my apartment. Mostly, all senior citizens. Still, drive my car to go grocery shopping. When winter comes and the snow and cold I do not drive.

I am a member of the American Legion Post in Pierz, just 12 miles from here. Also, a member of the Rosie the Riveter Association, so can always be busy.

Give my regards to everyone in Hawthorne. Some may remember us.

All Best Wishes,

Mary M. Konen

Little Falls, Minn.