Not sure if it is acceptable in your circles but in mine when I want to meet someone I stick out my tiny paw that can surround a large burrito without any problem. I try to wait until there is a lull in a conversation before I stick it out there and follow quickly with a “Hi. I’m Trina.” So far, knock on wood I haven’t pulled back a bloody stump. People are very nice if you give the go ahead. Then just a day or two ago I met a woman who had her own set of “Howdy.”

Her name is Wendy and I think that set the tone for me. Wendy’s a name that’s light and fluffy and inviting. I looked up from where I was and there she was. Just standing there with a happy grin and when she spoke to introduce herself the air around her seemed to warm and I found that I wanted to know her. But. Yes a getting to know you “but.” As the conversation rolled along I wanted to talk and so did she. We wanted to know more and more about lives and family. It was a grand meeting and I do hope to meet up with her again and continue to learn of her amazing growing and expanding family and her future.

How does that happen? Out of the blue two talkers just collide and it’s the most comfortable thing to just chitty chat. Was it the place, time, season, surrounding magic? If you find that you never have enough friends you just leave yourself open to being approachable and also to being the one who begins the process. It’s a choice as easy as deciding you want the whole kitchen sink added to your baked potato.

Now let’s look at that name, Wendy. Why is it that a name sometimes just makes you smile? She and I meshed, I think. In someway it was partially her name. It brought about free flying thoughts and smiles and nonsense and an exchange that I love. The talk of today’s life and yesterday’s life. Family and blending and important events that were whizzing by and by the time we finished our very short but fun conversation we both had smiles and happy in our hearts. I am so very glad she popped up and said hi. I want to know that when I do that those I walk away from will occasionally remember a word or a gesture and giggle just a titch.

Then during this same period of time when I met my new friend I crossed paths with a dash from my past. Oh and want a dash it was. I was born and raised and have lived my life in Nevada and I am very proud to wear that on my sleeve. As anyone who is a lifelong Idahoan or South Carolinian. With the ease of moving and the chase of the dollar through life those who claim only one state in their resume’ might be a bit too pompous, but we all have something pompous in our pocket don’t we. Mine is being a lifelong Nevadan. Anyway as it turned out during the same days when I met my new friend, Wendy, an old friend popped up to talk.

I bring this up because I am always amazed at how much time can go by when you don’t see someone from your past but as soon as the connection is re-made. As soon as that voice is heard. As soon as a smile is met so much falls away. How does that happen? I suppose I am very lucky to not have a shaded past that may turn up to bite me in the backside. So far as I tumbled through life old friends I run into are such fun to kibitz with. This one. Wow. We had a very fast, fun short time to enjoy life. The memories of nearly buying motorcycles, laughing at guys and living a young life, if just for a few years. Then we bump into each other and all those years fall away.

How does that happen? I’ll tell you how. In our minds we all have a catchall pool and in the daily sloshing and gushing we get to add stuff and pull out old stuff. That’s called life.

It isn’t until we throw in the towel that all that pool mixture is soaked up and becomes one sided memories for those left behind. Well I’m here to tell you that I still got a ton of snaps to pop off in my towel of life. Hope the same for you with new and old waters.

Trina lives in Eureka, Nevada. Her funny book “They Call Me Weener” is available on Amazon. com or email her at to get a signed copy. Really!