Submitted by Darren Hamrey

Over a gloomy and rainy weekend, Serpent baseball players of old came out to support the program they were once a part of in a chance to dust off the old cleats. The event began on Friday night under the lights for the softball game. Current MCHS coaches Darren Hamrey and Kyle Isom picked the teams for the 7 inning affair. The Reds beat the Hams in an appropriate start to the weekend’s festivities.

Those alumni that came out to play were: Darren Hamrey; Kyle Isom; Daniel Owens; Larry Jackson; Will Blinco; Tanner Owens; Victor Williams; Jerry Bryant; Oscar Berry; Louis Loutas; Anthony Guevara; Logan Espinosa; Mickey Boyles; Gary Hamrey; Chad Kleidosty and Dean Oberhansli. A few current players rounded out the teams as well, with Bodie Oberhansli; Ethan Nelms; Phillip Dees; Seth Bozzi, and Gavin Burroughs.

There was no one in attendance for the golf tournament likely due to the weather, but the main event was still on at 1 p.m., the baseball game. Teams were divided by graduating Class with 2012 and younger on one team and 2011 and older on the other. The Young Guys’ lineup was made up of Andre Davis; Matt Blazewick; Tyshawn Bonner; Brodie MacPherson; Daniel Owens; Tanner Owens; Brad Larramendy; Anthony Guevara and Gary Hamrey.

The Old Guys’ lineup was Kyle Isom; Darren Hamrey; Earnie Wood; Oscar Berry; Mickey Boyles; Louis Loutas; Logan Espinosa; Danny Womack; Will Blinco and Dean Oberhansli taking in the oldest player honors. Larry Jackson and Al Ferrell were the umpires for the game and they did a great job.

Starting pitchers for the game were Hamrey and Davis. Hamrey struck out six over three innings and allowed four runs. Davis gave up five runs on just two hits over 2 2/3 innings. Berry and Daniel Owens came in middle relief. Berry struck out four over two innings and gave up two runs and Owens struck out two and gave up nine runs. Closing the game for both teams was Womack and Larramendy. Womack gave up one run and struck out four, and Larramendy gave up five runs. The Old Guys won the game 19-7.

For the Old Guys: Isom went 4-for-5 with four RBIs and two doubles, Hamrey went 3-for-4 with five RBIs and a double, Berry went 3-for-3 with three doubles and four RBIs, Wood was 2 -for-4 with two doubles and Boyles was 2-for-4. Womack, Espinosa, Oberhansli and Blinco all scattered hits as well.

For the Young Guys: Tanner Owens went 2-for-3, Bonner went 2-for-3, Daniel Owens went 2-for-4 and Davis and MacPherson each scattered hits.

Following the baseball game was the banquet held at the El Capitan. Players enjoyed a great dinner with raffle prizes and auctions while they nursed their wounds from the day’s game.

It was a great time and a great benefit to the MCHS Baseball program. We would like to extend a huge thank you to all those who participated in the event, as well as those who helped make it happen. In addition, special recognition goes to the following for their extra efforts: Jason Cardenas; Jaimie Cardenas; Ann Kee; Kyle Isom; Casey Kee; Larry Spickert; April and Johnny Jaramillo; Booster Club; Foster Kenton; Al Ferrell; Larry Jackson; Russ Hall; Christina Boyles and Glenn Carns at the El Capitan. We look forward to next year.