Sheri Samson
From left, James Allen, James Rowson and Austin Tweedy were just some of many that volunteered to clean up areas around the MCHS football field before Friday’s home game.

While the high school continues to receive many important makeovers, the staff, and students geared up for a volunteer morning of pulling weeds while sprucing up the football field and the parking areas. This group effort of pride was organized to “put some skin in the game” while offering volunteer credits toward community work time for students and they were joined by some other service organizations.

One of the organizers, staff member Kathy Trujillo, was seen yanking out stray weeds around the gym and the bleachers. Taking a moment from her task she stated, “I am very encouraged to see the turnout and the excitement of so many wanting to have a personal stake in achieving pride in our own school and in the community.”

With the first Mineral County High School football game at hand, most students wore an ensemble of Serpent shirts with work gloves. With an effort to impress all that entered the Friday night home game with Tonopah, students were anxious to take on assigned jobs. Most of the high school and junior high teachers could be found raking the parking lot, while students pulled weeds and worked the entire field areas. Many other staff participated in the work time by pitching in with stuffing garbage bags and picking up the many piles of debris.

In catching up with students raking the track, one student, James Rowson shared, “This goes so much faster when everyone shows up and works together. It’s not that bad to get the place in shape and know that it looks nice for our home game tonight.”

Most everyone working agreed that it wasn’t a lot of work, but it was just the finishing touches that mattered.