Sheri Samson photos
Lions Club members stand near the flag pole following the presentation of a new American Flag last week at Hawthorne Elementary School. From left, John Beavers, Eric Peterson, Tammy Bunch, Amber Blinco, HES principal Stephanie Keuhey, Michelle Dow and Ben Miller.

Excited children and teachers came out of their classes to meet near the flag pole at the front of Hawthorne Elementary School last week as some of the local Lions Club members joined in for a special presentation

“As you kids know, our American flag was pretty worn out and fairly small for our tall flag pole. When the Hawthorne Lions Club asked what they could do for us, I asked nicely if we could get a new, larger flag and that’s what they did for us,” Principal Stephanie Keuhey shared loudly to all that had gathered outside for the morning presentation.

In exuberance, the smaller students would utter “awes”, as the old flag was surrendered and properly folded by Lions member Ben Miller and district transportation director, Will Gemelke. The new, large cloth flag was then gently taken from The Flag Store box, unfolded and held up for viewing.

Many “wows” and clapping came from the younger kids as Keuhey went on to explain that the new flag was so nice and it would last a lot longer. Miller was seen adjusting the pole hoping to accommodate the larger flag size as Keuhey explained, “this flag is so big, Mr. Miller has to make modifications before the new flag can even go up the pole.”

One first grader turned to her teacher and stated, “oh no, not a modification” in a disgusted tone, just as staff members and teachers her giggled quietly around her.

Once the flag was properly raised, everyone was led in the Pledge of Allegiance by Keuhey.

The Hawthorne Lions Club also included the Nevada Flag, as part of a complete gifting, which Keuhey showed to her students. Many recognized the state flag and some children saluted as it was opened for viewing.

“We will be using our Cub Scouts to take these flags down each evening, so they will last longer and be safely put away,” Keuhey admitted.

Miller and Gemelke agreed to coordinate this procedure among the students within the school and would be assisting in teaching them the proper method of retrieving and raising the flag each day.

“That would be a good response for some of our Cub Scouts to share at this school. I think that can teach them to take on small jobs,” Miller stated, as one of the leaders from the local Boy Scout Troop 75.