A Nevada death row inmate who killed and dismembered 22-year-old Jeremiah Miller in a Las Vegas motel in 2002, robbed the deceased of $12,000 has asked a state judge to drop any appeals because he would like to be executed.

Scott Raymond Dozier, 46, who appeared before Clark County District Judge Jennifer Togliatti in his prison jumpsuit, explained to the judge that he is aware of what he is doing by ordering his lawyer to quit any appeals upon his behalf.

Dozier would become the first person in over 11 years to be executed if the State of Nevada accepts his request to be executed.

Dixon has killed Miller and stole the money that Miller had brought to Las Vegas from Phoenix to purchase ingredients to make methamphetamine.

Dozier was also convicted in Arizona, for the 2005 murder of 26-year-old Jasen Green, whose body was found in a plastic container in the desert outside of Phoenix.

It is unaware of what types of drugs would be used if the execution is approved by Governor Brian Sandoval.

Advocates on both sides of the execution have weighed in on Dozier’s execution. Dozier’s court appointed lawyer, Thomas Ericsson explained, “There could be a number of other hurdles that may have to be crossed before we have an execution. It will be determined by the courts whether there will be constitutional issues raised.”

Scott Coffee, a public defender not involved in Dozier’s case stated, “The reason Nevada may execute him is because he wants it, not because the state wants it.”

Judge Togliatti, who presided over Dozier’s jury trial and sentencing in 2007, signed his death warrant a few weeks ago. The warrant calls for Dozier’s execution to be carried out on an unspecific date the week of Oct. 16.

The judge is giving Dozier the chance to change his mind and has set another hearing for next week.

“Any final status check, you are going to look me in the eye and tell me this is what you want,” Judge Togliatti told Dozier.

Dozier also went by the name of Chad Wyatt and would be the first person since 2006 to be put to death after Daryl Mack asked to also be put to death for a conviction in a 1988 rape and murder in Reno.

The old death chamber in Carson City has since been demolished and a new one has been built at the Nevada State Prison in Ely, the state’s maximum-security and death-row facility.