Mineral County Search & Rescue supported the Modesto Ridge Runners at their last card stop on the 43rd Off-Road Rally last weekend.

The Modesto Ridge Runner Rally was held last weekend, making it 43 years that the off-road club has been coming to Hawthorne to run our roads.

This year, an increase in side-by-side vehicles entered the rally, making this already family-oriented club more family friendly.

This rally is not a race, just designed to be driven at the driver’s pace so that they enjoy the run and are able to focus on the scenery around them.

Over 70 vehicles arrived in Hawthorne by Friday night to run the rally, but only a little more than 60 were able to actually enter and finish the race. This year, there was more youth on the trails, unlike year’s past.

This rally helps to bring revenue to local businesses as the Modesto Ridge Runners enjoy mingling with locals.

This rally is open to all, even locals can run but they must comply with the rally rules. For more information on the next rally, contact Glenn Bunch at 775-945-2289.