The Hawthorne Municipal Airport received a federal grant to help with lighting.

In a U.S. Department of Transportation announcement, $4.6 million in federal grants were awarded to Nevada cities and counties to help repair and improve airports and aviation equipment in rural Nevada.

Hawthorne Municipal Airport was awarded $93,750 of those funds to “replace their runway 10/28 vertical and visual guidance systems, runway end identifier lights and precision approach pathway indicator to make the airport more accessible by improving approaches to the runway ends.”

Other counties and cities who received grant money were: The County of Lincoln in Panaca who received $308,412 to construct a double pump fuel facility and replace the airport’s existing beacon; Count of Lincoln in Alamo received $533,402 to fund the construction phase of a bypass taxiway to eliminate the need for aircraft to back-taxi on a runway, which will enhance access for hangars and the construction of a 6,600 square yard apron to provide aircraft parking for those who use the airport and the County of Eureka received $330,475 to repair cracks on their existing main apron, taxiway A and runway 18/36. The crack repair will also repair the existing access road to help preserve the airport.

It is unknown when work at the Hawthorne airport will begin.