Sheri Samson
The public works department assists in clearing brush at an Armory Building clean up day Saturday.

Saturday’s early morning brought calmer weather than expected, bringing a four-hour workload to completion, at the Boys & Girls Club outdoor clean up day.

Volunteers lined up at the Armory Building, taking on various sections of the yard area and tackling large weeds, sweeping buried sidewalks and creating piles of tumble weeds to burn. Brooke Sasser, Director for the Boys and Girls Club, was grateful for the many community departments and organizations represented during the undertaking. This included the local fire department; park and recreation; Community Chest; Boys & Girls Club board members and kids; school district employees; the University of Reno Cooperative Extension; Dream Team members; the high school JAG team and employee members from the Hawthorne Depot and SOC.

The public works department had provided a large burner unit, assisting in the process of tackling large debris of dried brush and dead grasses. James Williams from the fire department oversaw the burning processes, while Matt Goodrich and Bob Sasser initiated the burns.

This effort completed the clean up necessary to allow the club children the added outdoor space for upcoming summer programs. Director Sasser noted that a basketball hoop and backboard is needed for replacement on the existing pole, as well as heavy picnic tables and a possible permanent shade cover. The UNR Cooperative Extension has agreed to extend a corner garden area with plans for Club Kids and more community involvement.