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The former Stanley Ranch has three houses on the property.

The Walker Basin Restoration Program recently reconveyed the former Stanley Ranch property to the Walker River Paiute Tribe, along with any associated Bureau of Land Management grazing permits.

In a press release from Jeff Bryant, Director of the Walker Basin Conservancy, it states that the “reconveyance of this land will address a longstanding trespass issue wherein the property had encroached upon Tribal lands for many years.”

The Stanley Ranch was acquired by the Walker Basin Restoration Program in 2013. It includes water rights, land and federal grazing permits. The Walker Basin Conservancy has been managing the property since that time, including the treatment of any noxious weeds.

The water rights, for the Stanley Ranch properties, will be retained by the Walker Basin Restoration Program to benefit Walker River and Walker Lake.

The press release states, “A 40-acre parcel, which includes the Wabuska gage, was subdivided from the ranch and will remain under the WBC management. The Wabuska gage is a key location point from the measurement of Program water and for the administration of natural flow water rights throughout the Walker Basin.”

The property includes 106 acres of chemical free alfalfa fields.

Located on the property are three houses, The Historic Lodge House, The Julian House and The Log House. There are also equestrian breeding and training facilities with a barn, arena and dressage court.

The Stanley Ranch has 25,000 acre ‘Desert Mountain’ Bureau of Land Management allotment. This allotment allows winter grazing rights for cattle. There are three water fells on this land each with stock watering tanks.

The Independent-News reached out to the Tribe, but no call was returned, regarding the Tribe’s use of the property.