Courtesy photo
Modesto Ridge Runners line up down G Street early Saturday morning in preparation of a day full of off-road adventure.

The 44th annual Modesto Ridge Runner High Desert Rally was held in Mineral County last weekend, with a record number of entries enjoying the desert air.

Old school driver’s who have been running their rails were joined by side-by-side vehicles, quads and motorcycles this year.

The family-oriented club works hard at keeping this event fun for all, by allowing children to participate in order to pass on the tradition. The Ridge Runners also are stewards of the environment and pick up trash along the route.

The Travelodge, located near the El Capitan Casino, was booked to the point of posting a “No Vacancy” sign on their door due to the amount of people staying at the hotel. Those who participated also took the time to visit other businesses in Hawthorne during their three-day stay.

The rally is open to anyone who wishes to participate. For more information, contact Glenn Bunch at 775-945-2289.