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Travis Isom received the Principal Award at a student achievement assembly at Mineral County High School.

For the last assembly of the year, the Mineral County High School and Junior High teachers and staff lined the walls of the gym, watching as endless students stepped forward from the bleachers to receive honor for their achievements within the 2016-17 school year. Highlighted moments brought accolades and emotion as so many students had achieved greatness.

Honor roll designees were called up by Principal Jeff Wales to received their certificates, winding around the gym in a long procession of successful students. The student council participants from Freshman to Seniors were acknowledged, as well as the Student Body President, Brandon West, Vice-President, Jaci Norman: Secretary, Cade Horn and Treasurer, Kylie Berginnis.

Included in acknowledgements from Debbie Morgan Tarleton, the Career and Technical Education Director for Mineral County High School, along with the career teachers, were Senior students: Jaci Norman, Kylie Berginnis, Alyssa Richmond, Dillon Kintz, Sean McPeake and Jesus Narango who all completed their three-year certificates of career and passed their intricate state skills testing. These certificates of completion were generated by the State of Nevada for meeting a career standard for job training and were signed by Nevada’s Superintendent of Schools, the Directorship of the Program and by the President of the State Board of Education in Carson City. This program has other students coming up for next year’s completion and was applauded for the efforts made in expanding the participation with more upper-grade students currently working toward improving their employment skills within the community.

Special certificates of outstanding citizenship and high grade-point averages while balancing a full schedule of sports, work and activities were followed by applause. Students with perfect attendance, remarkable improvement levels and participation awards were also received with smiles.

The Principal Award was handed out to all high achieving, above standard students with recognition within the high school and junior high levels. Kathy Trujillo joined Principal Jeff Wales as the junior high honorees were: Perla Gutierrez, Sophia Castillo-Trujillo, Makayla Lane, Glenn Reeves-Smith and Autumn Smith with a special accomplishment award going to Travis Isom who received a wide applause and standing ovation from many in the room, while assisted by Kellie Orndorffc his school assistant. It was clear to see that Isom accepted the award with excitement and was glad to receive another completion award which included some extra gifts. Later, at the junior high school graduation, Isom was again honored, with his parents joining him and he was awarded a check from the 8th grade class for $200.