Sheri Samson
The Hawthorne Convention Center played host to a variety of acts at the Armed Forces Day Talent Show last Wednesday.

With over seven acts presented by hosting MC, Ann Kee, in the youth category and another six performing in the adult division, the Armed Forces Talent Show, held Wednesday, May 17, was a night of talent and applause. Audience members enjoyed an unusual array of talents ranging from a boxing routine to an Indian hoop dance; musical choreography and instrumentals to vocal presentations.

Each talent was warmly received by the audience and the other participants in an inspiring evening of enjoyable local entertainment.

In the final tabulations of the evening, a surprising result came as the number one winners in both the youth and the adult category shared the common thread of family talent. Singer Liz Rogers who sang a rendition of “Red House” won in the adult competition, while her daughter, Ashley Rogers who sang “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” as a duet with Braedyn Barton, took home the youth division’s first place award.

All were congratulated for their participation and encouraged to continue with their individual talents.