Mallory Chidester
Decorative rocks are popping up throughout the county promoting random acts of kindness.

Residents of Mineral County have discovered a new craze that allows families to get outdoors and possibly find hidden treasures.

Sometimes overlooked, rocks are popping up in our communities that are decorated like ladybugs, bunnies and have inspirational messages.

These rocks are painted by residents and other rock-painted artists whose desire is to make others smile.

The Independent-News staff found a rabbit at the Memorial Rose Garden near the Mineral County Library. Underneath, is this message, “Please give me a ride somewhere else after you take your picture and post on Facebook – Kindness ‘Rocks’ Mineral County.”

Other painted rocks have shown up near Valley Propane, Lions Park and in some downtown planters.

The Kindness ‘Rocks’ Mineral County is described as, “I love the idea of random acts of kindness, lifting up your neighbors and friends. The rules are simple: be kind. Give someone a pretty rock to make them happy, to encourage or to inspire.”

The rules to rock painting go as far as your mind can explore. Everything from football teams to simple quotes is decorated on the rocks. To prepare your rock for painting, simply clean with water and allow to dry. Once dry – use acrylic or spray paint for the base. Add decorations with markers or other mediums. A coat of sealant or Modge Podge is used to seal the painting. Make sure underneath you remind those who find your rock, to take a photo and upload on the Kindness ‘Rocks’ Mineral County Facebook page.

You may also post on where you have hidden your rock, giving clues to the location. Popular spots where families hang out are the best for little children. Adults can post clues such as GPS locations, popular points of interest and even along walking trails.

The Kindness ‘Rocks’ Mineral County page states that rocks are planned for every town. “Take rocks to other communities as encouragement.”

“Random acts of kindness encourage someone today! Or surprise someone with a cute animal rock…the sky is the limit. Once we have permission we hope to have a place to put a rock exchange so you can leave a rock or take a rock,” the page states.

Rockhounds and hunters are reminded to not put rocks on private property, to not attach small decorations to the rocks and to be mindful of the environment.

The Independent-News would like to see those rocks that you may have found. Please stop by or email a picture to