Kathy Kachelries is the new director and curator of the Mineral County Museum.

When the newly hired director and curator, Kathy Kachelries, stepped into the Mineral County Museum to see such a vast amount of quality displays she admitted being overwhelmed.

“I immediately respected every item and had a desire to know the stories that were behind everything. I knew I could find the basic knowledge of any item but I was determined to know the personal stories. Every display case and every vignette had a historic reason and personal attachment behind it. I want to know the story behind these items.”

With a friendly enthusiasm, Kachelrie’s background in teaching English and utilizing her other joint degree in Film and Television production; she is already positioning a bucket list of exciting endeavors through her vision of revising the museum to reach all ages. Originating from Philadelphia, she has taught in Korea and China and also in community colleges in the field of English, but has a strong technology background as well.

Currently, she is creating new display labels that include the implementation of active scanning codes to be used with any smartphone. This will allow the viewer to see an item in action by using filmed pieces from the internet. She is also hoping to meet the local originators and donors from the community to gain more oral presentations directly from locals with a storytelling aspect that can be properly filmed for use within the museum’s future. Not wanting these true stories to die off, Kachelrie has a desire to connect the past with our future by including the elder’s within our community to our children. She expressed the need for personal sharing to become a rich tool of appreciation for generations to come and using today’s technology can accomplish that.

The Mineral County Museum will begin Armed Forces Day at 9 a.m. by hosting a hands-on gold panning activity using an active display for children and adults to try their hand at a fun exhibit. This will be done throughout the day, as well as the experience of a self-guided tour. Visitors and locals can obtain area maps, or enjoy many other items available for a nominal fee. Local writers have books on sale which share in-depth Nevada history and many other literature pieces are on hand for purchase. An array of jewelry, postcards, rocks, basic souvenirs and more can be obtained to assist in defraying the museum costs, as well as appreciated donations when visiting this free museum.

“I invite everyone to stop by and introduce themselves. If they have stories and know the items within our museum I want to connect with them, even those visiting over Armed Forces. I know the children enjoy seeing the many animals in our taxidermy displays, while adults seem to reminiscence about the vintage office pieces, clothing and our full pharmacy room. There is truly something for everyone to see and endless photo-ops all within our building,” Kachelries shared with a smile.