Heidi Bunch
A semi-truck blocked all four lanes of US 95 between Safeway and Main Gate last Thursday when strong winds swept through the area.

High winds blew through Mineral County last Thursday causing damage to some in Mineral County.

Besides a large tree being blown over in Hawthorne, residents were stopped once again from traveling north on US Highway 95 when reports of blown over semi-trucks began to filter into the Mineral County Sheriff’s Office.

One truck was blown over between Main Gate and Safeway in the four lanes just outside of Hawthorne. The second truck was blown over outside of Schurz.

The road between Hawthorne and Schurz was covered in rocks and sagebrush, blown onto the roadway by the gusts.

The Independent-News contacted Nevada Highway Patrol Sergeant Brian Cavanaugh as to how high the wind gusts were in the area. He was unable to give an accurate wind speed but stated that at times, he had heard that the gusts were 75 mph strong.

One semi-truck driver was transported to Mt. Grant General Hospital. The injuries were unknown.