Mineral County has seen its share of weather phenomena over the past few years. Tornados, wind storms, flash floods, earthquakes and even freak snow storms.

A question was asked at the Independent-News, “Is Mineral County ready for the “big one”?”

In a meeting with Mineral County Emergency Planning Director Patrick Hughes, he sat down with me to discuss what ideas and plans Mineral County has to help those if the “big one” happens.

Hughes starts the meeting off with watching a webinar with other emergency planning staff around the state who discussed the snow pack around the Northern Nevada region, as well as the rising of rivers and future weather that needs to be watched.

After the webinar, Hughes explained that many scenarios and how to deal with the consequences are dealt with by the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC). LEPC meets once a month on the second Tuesday of each month at 9 a.m. Here, members of the community, department heads of county buildings meet to discuss emergency planning. The public is welcome to put their thoughts into these meetings.

Hughes brought out a Mineral County Emergency Preparedness brochure which helps households to plan for such things as: terrorism attacks; wild land fires; earthquakes; flooding; flu pandemics and more.

Included are helpful hints such as how to prepare a disaster supply kit; preparing your employees for emergencies and developing pet and family plans.

“You should have a plan in place prior to an event,” Hughes states. In small communities such as those in Mineral County, the evacuation center would be easy to find whereas in larger cities, some may be unable to get to such locations.

Hughes references the large fire that took place in Mina only a few months ago, stating that it could have been much worse if crews weren’t blame to contain the fire to the small city block.

As of date, there has been no need to implement the policies put in place by the LEPC board though they do have practice scenarios to keep themselves up-to-date on current trends and to keep their minds focused and prepared.

If you would like a copy of the guide, you may stop by any county office or stop into the Hawthorne Fire Department and pick up a copy from Hughes.

He reiterated, “Prepare today for what could happen tomorrow.”