A fundraiser to help a local Hawthorne lady raise money to help fund a kidney transplant will be held on Friday at 6 p.m. at Souled Out in Hawthorne.

Rachel LaBerta, of Hawthorne, was diagnosed with Wegners Granulomatosis, an autoimmune disorder that attacked the blood vessels in her nose, sinus, lungs and kidneys.

Graduating in 2014, LaBerta had the world in her hands. A hard working student, she worked two jobs, juggled high school and college courses, but throughout her senior year, she noticed a stuffy nose that would not go away.

Only four days after graduating with her class, LaBerta would be forever changed when she was admitted into St.
Mary’s Hospital in Reno where her lungs where bleeding from the disease.

She would lose the cartilage in her nose, the drugs she was prescribed would have terrible side effects and she would have a toe amputated, but through the process, she rallied.

The Wagners would attack LaBerta’s kidney. Every other day she would travel to Reno for dialysis. In October of 2015, she would have surgery to have a dialysis port installed. Today, in the comfort of her own home, she is able to undergo home dialysis.

Through the process, LaBerta has not lost her drive to better herself. She still continues to take college courses. Instead of joining her friends in their dorms, she studies online. Because of the effects of the disease, she is unable to work.

She will receive plastic surgery to correct the loss of cartilage in her nose. Once her Wegners is in remission, LaBerta will be placed on the organ transplant list and listed to receive a new kidney.

Until that time comes, she must raise close to $7,000 for the transplant costs, which number not including the costs that her family will incur to stay with her as she heals.

To learn more about LaBerta and Wegners Granulomatosis, stop by Souled Out located at 898 E Street in Hawthorne. Meet the young lady who today is beating the odds that were stacked against her.