Board of County Commissioner highlights from May 2

(Commissioner Chris Hegg participated by phone. Commissioner Garth Price was absent.)

Safety message

Emergency Management Director Patrick Hughes delivered the safety message on safety data sheets.

Public comment

Commissioner Jerrie Tipton explained that Hegg was on the phone and she was going to shorten the agenda.

Accounts payable

Tipton signed her set of ledgers and Hegg stated he would sign his when he was able to come into the courthouse.

Business license

The following business licenses were approved: Nevada Restaurant Services, Inc., Bourbon Street Sports Bar #159; Bruce Yocum, Paramount Cable Corporation and Lynne D. Harker, PEI Placer Electric Incorporated.

Vehicles for fire department

Mineral County Fire Chief Chris Lawrence met with the commissioners to discuss signing an agreement for the purchase of vehicles from Las Vegas. The purchase is for Spartan Aerial Units. Tipton will sign the original contracts once they arrive.

Senior center craft fair

Cherrie George, director of Senior Services explained to the commissioners that they are going through their storage sheds and would like to sell at a community flea market and craft fair fundraiser for senior services. George asked to sell the county property at the flea market and not with the county auction. The funds will be used to freshen up the senior center.

District Attorney Sean Rowe was asked if George can sell the items at the flea market and will work with her in regards to selling the items.

Armed Forces Day resolution

Heidi Bunch was not present but asked for a resolution authorizing Mineral County support for Armed Forces Week, May 13-19, 2018, proclaiming May 2018 as Armed Forces Month and proclaiming May 13-19, 2018 as Armed Forces Week.

Tipton read the resolution into record.

Public Works Director Eric Hamrey asked what is authorized on public property.

He asked about the monster truck placement and blading, setting up the k-rails, etc.

Tipton stated if it is a public health and safety issue, then Hamrey needs to set the k-rails, but barricades cannot put those on private business property.

The resolution was approved.

Patented mining claims

Ellen Blair requested consideration and possible action relative to correction of assessor description of deeded patented mining claims and listed requirements on formal request for a reduction of utilities.

Tipton stated that Blair would need to address this with the assessor and if Blair posted this on the agenda again, they would deal with it at that time. Blair was not in attendance.

Burial permits

Susan Maple met with the commissioners in regards to burial permits being stored at Gunter’s Funeral Home. Maple asked why a public enterprise is hanging onto private documents.

Recorder-Auditor Christine Hoferer stated that it goes to the clerk’s office.

Jay Gunter explained the process of paperwork.

Hawthorne Speedway

Scott Moderson met with the commissioners to discuss the outrageous fees from Hawthorne Utilities attached to Hawthorne Speedway and 890 C Street, water utility meters. He wanted to discuss equality.

Moderson discussed his bill that is now in collections. The original bill was $978 – the bill is now over $2,000.

Hawthorne Utilities Director Larry Grant explained that they tried to work with Moderson.

“This is not a racetrack problem, this is a Mr. Moderson problem,” said Grant.

The racetrack can get water, Moderson cannot. Because the bill for the racetrack was in Moderson’s personal name, the delinquent account was moved to his home account at 980 C Street in Hawthorne.

Grant explained the ordinance.

Grant explained that he stopped the late fees and sent the account to collections as the bill continued to be in arrears.

Tipton asked if Moderson had any supporters who would put a hydrant at the racetrack for needed water.

Grant told Moderson he needs to pay his account balance.

Hegg asked if Moderson gets bleachers at the racetrack, will that make his business in good standing.

Grant explained no, since Moderson had many other agreements with Hawthorne Utilities that he forfeited on.

“I’m having trouble swallowing the bill since the late fees are so high,” Moderson stated.

Moderson claims he paid the bill [for the water] but is contesting the late fees and wants it wiped out.

“The bill stands,” Grant explained. “Come in and set up a reasonable payment plan.”

Sheri Samson explained that there is a very large expense regarding the bleachers from economic development.

“I think maybe there is a little bit of conflict between us,” Moderson told Grant.

Moderson showed Tipton a Facebook conversation where Grant called someone a “deadbeat”.

“I paid the water bill – not the late fees,” Moderson kept insisting.

Rowe suggested reviewing the ordinance in the future regarding the late fees.

“Once he signs the payment agreement, we will turn the water on at his house. But once he misses a payment – we start over,” stated Grant.

Dana Tommila told Moderson that she feels that Moderson is using the personal attacks as a cope out on the racetrack.

Tipton stated that the board will come back and look at the late fee amount for high volume users. Moderson was told to meet with Grant to get the bill taken care of.

Opioids lawsuit

Tipton brought forth an agenda item relative to Mineral County joining a lawsuit with other Nevada Counties, against the drug manufactures of opioids. The state suit against those manufactures does not address the cost counties incur in this issue.

A representative for the lawsuit explained that the information will come from medical providers, emergency services and law enforcement.

Mineral County employees will be paid from a line of credit personally taken out by the lawyer’s handling the case to search for information regarding opioids.

Eglet Prince, personal injury attorneys gave a presentation.

A motion was made to enter into an agreement with Eglet Prince regarding opioid abuse in Mineral County.

Regional transportation commission

The Mineral County Regional Transportation Commission met at 12:30 p.m. to open bids for the road sealing project. Two bids were received: Sierra Nevada Construction for $223,152.90 and All American Asphalt Sealing for $242,557.50 for road sealing on First Street in Hawthorne, O Street to Armory Road and F Street from First to Fifth Streets. The All American Asphalt Sealing bid was not complete.

The airport fuel report was given for March. Donna Oberhansli gave the commission a report on what was sold and what is still in the tanks. Secure Rural School money is funding the road sealing project.

The ending balance for the commission is $221,964.40. Hamrey explained the repair of a blade, he stated that the brakes were “shot”.

Discussion on cutting the roads for repair of utilities.

Wade Barton gave a presentation regarding street signs in Hawthorne. He explained why the grant that Mineral County failed.

Road department will be working on Kibby Flats, Huntoon Valley through Cow Camp, Rawhide and the roads in Mina, Luning and Walker Lake.

$75,000 will be received to fix Del Monte Canyon. Hamrey said he will be purchasing culverts for that area. Culverts discussed at 9-Mile Ranch and the fish in that area.

Harold Dimmick asked the road department about potholes and the El Capitan road issue between 5th and G Streets behind the hotel. Dimmick asked about the potholes encroaching onto Mineral County roads.

BLM Wilderness

Tipton explained that Senator Dean Heller has introduced a bill regarding wilderness study area for the Bureau of Land Management. Tipton read the resolution into record as well as the letter in support of the release of the wilderness study area identified in Mineral County.

Attorney representation

Clerk Chris Nepper put on the agenda, an item to approve modification of our attorney representation agreement. The attorney that has been representing Mineral County with Green Energy Nevada is leaving his current firm. An agreement was made to stay with the current attorney.

Guss would like to know what the total cost is of the lawsuit. Rowe stated that could be answered through the clerk’s office as it is public knowledge.

Lady Bird Park

The commissioners met to approve a cooperative agreement with Nevada Department of Transportation for a 10-year agreement. Tipton explained that this is just a continuance of the agreement, no changes.

Hawthorne Mobile Home Park

Hawthorne Moblie Home Park item came back to the commissioners to accept recreational vehicles. Tommila was told she had to come back in front of the commissioners to get a variance on the property. Rowe gave Tommila options for either a variance or conditional use permit. Tipton made a motion to send this item back to the planning commission and have the results to the commissioners within 30-days, to allow the RV’s in the mobile home park with a variance or conditional use permit.

Commissioner recognition

Tipton explained that the June 20 meeting is also the change of command at the base as well as the 4th of July being a holiday.