SOC Nevada

From left, Mark Cooper, Director of Safety and Quality SOC LLC; George Gram, General Manager of SOC Nevada; Patty Coen, Manager of SOC Nevada’s Safety and Health Department and HWAD Commander Lt. Col. Gregory Gibbons accept the company’s awards for safety performance in 2015.

SOC Nevada LLC, operating contractor at the Hawthorne Army Depot (the World’s Largest Ammunition Plant and Premier Demil Facility) has received two National Safety Council Awards for their stellar safety performance in 2015. The Significant Improvement Award and the Operational Excellence Award were presented last Thursday in Hawthorne by SOC’s Director of Safety and Quality Mark Cooper from Chantilly, Va.

Tracking Days Away from Work (DAFW) is a nationally-recognized leading indicator of a company’s safety performance. A significant downward trend in Hawthorne’s injury rate over last year resulted in SOC Nevada, LLC meeting the criteria for not just one, but two, National Safety Council awards.

Eligibility for the NSC’s Significant Improvement Award is for companies who report a 20 percent reduction in injuries and illness over the previous year. In 2015 Hawthorne surpassed that benchmark and saw a 42 percent reduction.

The Occupational Excellence Achievement Award is based on an industry standard threshold determined by the NAICS code (Facilities Support for Hawthorne) and a case rate better than or equal to 50 percent of the BLS rating. The magic number for this award for Hawthorne was 1.2 and in 2015 a rate of .40 was recorded. This represented a 66 percent improvement over the previous year. These awards also make SOC Nevada eligible for the NSC Industry Leader Award to be determined later this month.

During the awards presentation it was noted that excellence in Hawthorne’s safety performance relies upon every employee: from the new hire to the tenured, the office worker to the munitions handler and buy in from top management. Lt. Col. Gregory Gibbons offered his appreciation to all SOC Nevada employees for their commitment to safety during his command.