Boys Scouts of America, Troop 75 hosted Sheriff Stewart Handte and Undersheriff Steve McBride to speak regarding drug abuse in our communities, schools and social circles.

As leaders of the school and community, the Boy Scout oath says, “On my honor I will do my best.” Both the sheriff and undersheriff spoke the youth about doing what is right for their community and learning from their mistakes.

In describing the extensive drug/alcohol abuse in our communities, McBride stated, “Just say no! Be a bigger person, be a better person. Lead!”

Troop Leader Jim Pruss asked who the scouts can turn to in a time of crisis and they were informed to go to a safe haven, such as: parents, teacher, police department or leaders. Make sure you get help in the problem that you have.

Assistant Troop Leader Rodney Miller asked, “What do you do if you learn about drugs?” Sheriff Handte explained, “Gathering information is key. We [as officers] reach out to people to help us out.” He explained that even if it looks as if no one is doing anything, that as officers, they work with other agencies, people and informants that have information on people who may do drugs. Do not become discouraged. We do listen to you – but at times, we may not be able to share what information we have.”
McBride reminded the scouts, “It takes courage to stand up like they do. [If you] do the right thing when no one is looking – you will do the right thing when people are.”

The meeting with the officers was cut short as a call needing their assistance came in, but Scout Leader Jackie Edwards reminded the young men that they need to have a “positive high”.