The Memorial Rose Garden Volunteers met with the Community Garden/Farmer’s Market members to finalize our combination under their established by-laws.  This will keep all the gardening groups combined so we understand what each group is trying to accomplish individually.

At the moment we are trying to keep the roses watered with drips and cracks in the old watering system, and with our hoses from home with a trickle we can get from the taps and the Victory Garden’s watering truck.  A new system will be on the drawing board soon.

The Rose Garden is receiving donations and questions about donations from present and past members of the community based on articles in the local paper.  Some want to donate to the new watering system when we have an idea of the cost.  Some know that the rose planted for their loved one has died and they want to replace it.  I’m happy to know that a lot of our former neighbors and friends still receive the local paper and are interested in what we are trying to accomplish.

We meet at the Rose Garden every Friday morning 9-11 a.m.  Any helping hands are welcome.
If you have questions call Tammy Bunch (945-2065), Kendall Harris (316-0383) or Ruby Hume (945-2950)