Mineral County Economic Development Coordinator Shelley Hartmann explained to the Independent-News that a new 18,000 acre industrial park is in the development.

Currently going through the phase to be approved as a certified economic development site with the State of Nevada, the area will offer various sized lots.

Hartmann explained that the sites will be certified and easier to market. The state and Hartmann will be able to offer the various sites nationwide at trade fairs.

The land, managed by SOC, and owned by the U.S. Army will have the companies’ eventually becoming a tenant of Hawthorne Army Depot.

“The land mass helps us to site differing industry because we have enough distance to locate very differing industry in different locations. We can offer customer specific pieces of land,” Hartmann explained.

A new tenant to the property is Nevada Institute for Automated Systems (NIAS). A state nonprofit who stood up specifically to help Nevada communities entice and land drone companies for various testing and drone operations.

“After the Discover Hawthorne event held in December, NIAS became a tenant on the base as a facilitator for drone testing. They have extended the state sponsored air permits to allow drone flights here. The commander has divided the base up into ten metroplexes so that different drone companies can test simultaneously.”

Other business opportunities are currently in the works but until a solid commitment is reached, the names of the companies or projects will not be released.

Hartmann explained that a ground breaking/ribbon cutting ceremony will be held on July 14 to introduce the technical/industrial park.