Violeta Guevara earned first place for her drawing.

Mineral County Elementary School participated in CAHS’s “What Does a Happy and Healthy Family Mean to Me?” essay and picture contest March 21-25. CAHS received about 42 entries from first through fourth graders. Everyone did such a great job.

CAHS wanted to get the children involved with upcoming Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness month in a positive way. Happy and healthy families are a huge part of preventing child abuse in our communities.

Essay: First Place- Dixie Cornella, Second Grade; Second Place- Shaylee Gavin, Fourth Grade and Third Place- DeVayne Isom, Fourth Grade

Picture: First Place- Violeta Guevara, 1st Grade; Second Place- Ginger Pritchard, Third Grade and Third Place Nevaeh Violeta Guevara earned first place for her drawing. Johnson, Second Grade.