University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, Mineral County is currently conducting a research study in Hawthorne that began in August 2015. The research study and Mineral County needs assessment will identify program needs related to community assets, community development needs, youth issues and senior citizen issues. The research protocol is online or face-to-face where Mineral County residents have the opportunity to fill out a paper survey or can go online and fill out the survey. Statistically, a minimum number of surveys need to be filled out in Mineral County to make the research valid. Mineral County residents are being contacted at random at various locations in the towns of Hawthorne, Schurz, Walker Lake, Mina and Luning.

Resident participation in this research study is purely voluntary and there are no known risks to Mineral County residents. Confidentiality is of utmost importance. Once all the questionnaires are completed, the responses will be entered into a database with results documented in the final report. If you have not filled out a Needs Assessment survey, you can access the online survey at the following link: HYPERLINK “”

The final report will be available through the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, Mineral County, which will be publishing “Fact Sheets” and reports on the research study results expected to be completed by June 2016. If you have any questions regarding this research study or would like to get a paper survey to fill out, please call the Mineral County Cooperative Extension Office at 775-945-3444.